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50,000 Crowds in Lingard’s Home Debut

FC Seoul’s “Silly Soccer” that coach Kim Ki-dong wants to implement was incomplete. He aimed to win by putting Jesse Lingard early in front of a clouded crowd of more than 50,000, but he lacked detail. Seoul recorded only one shot on goal. 토토사이트

Seoul tied 0-0 in the second round against Incheon United in the K-League 1 2024 season at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Wednesday. Seoul and Incheon, which were beaten by Gwangju FC and Suwon FC, respectively in the opening round, will postpone their first win of the season until the next. Hwang Sun-hong, 23, who is serving as interim head coach of the Korean men’s national soccer team, also visited the stadium to check the physical conditions of the players. Hwang will announce the list of players who will play in the second consecutive Asian qualifying match against Thailand for the 2026 North-Central U.S. World Cup.

As attention was focused on Lingard’s home debut match, 51,670 spectators filled the stadium. It exceeded Lim Young-woong’s Day (45,007) at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in April last year, the highest record since 2018 when the Korea Professional Football Federation started counting paid spectators, and broke the record (47,899) between Seoul and Suwon Samsung in June 2016, the highest since 2013 when the lifting system was introduced. Seoul, which had been ahead of the ball possession rate, suffered from opponent pressure defense and quick counterattack, falling sharply to 4-17 in shooting. Lingard, who stepped on the ground in the 30th minute of the first half, led the attack with sensuous ball touch and led the team’s only effective shot with precise passes. However, in the second half, his physical strength was noticeably reduced, and he fired a shot into the air.

Kang Sang-woo, a transfer player, was also still floundering. “I needed to change the course, so I sent Lingard to the field and turned the mood around,” Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong said. “The ball flew in the second half due to physical issues. If I had physical strength, I would have driven the ball to finish the game.”

“The coach assigned me the role of an attacking midfielder, but the opponent didn’t give up the center space, so I couldn’t solve the offense,” Lingard said after the match. “I have to get three points at the end of the match against Jeju United on the 16th,” adding, “It is true that I am tired at the end of the match. I am not 100 percent in physical condition because I did not play 90 minutes for a long time. However, I got a lot of energy from the audience and it gave me a lot of strength.” Incheon’s Park Seung-ho had five shots and Mugosa and Gersso had two shots each, but they lacked a critical shot. “I put strong pressure on him for the first 10 minutes. He did not pull down the line because he showed good performance,” Incheon’s coach Cho Seong-hwan said. “If Mugosa scores his first goal, he will ease the burden of scoring. We need more partial tactical training.”

When Incheon defended with five defenders in a row early in the game, Seoul could not easily cross the half line. Rather, Incheon threatened the opponent’s goal with a counterattack by Jeong Dong-yoon and Hong Si-hoo, who penetrated the left and right sides. Incheon aimed for the goal with its left foot after Kim Sung-min cut off Shigehiro Takuya’s pass in the 25th minute of the first half, but Mugosa headed straight to goalkeeper Choi Chul-won.

While Seoul gave eight shots to Incheon, it failed to record a single shot. Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong removed Takuya Shigehiro and deployed Lingard within 30 minutes of the match. Lingard gained momentum by exchanging passes with Ki Sung-yueng in the midfield. Lingard dribbled forward toward the opponent’s penalty box in the 34th minute of the first half and pushed the ball through the defenders to create a 1-1 opportunity for Kang. However, Kang’s shot was blocked by the goalkeeper. It was Seoul’s only chance in the first half. At the start of the second half, Kim Sung-min, the eldest player in the through pass of Folzoje Mpoku, entered the back of the opponent’s defense and finished it with his right foot, but failed to cross the goalkeeper’s wall. In the 23rd minute of the second half, Park Seung-ho exchanged passes with Hong Si-hoo and Lee Myung-joo from the right side and then shot, but missed the right side of the goalpost. Two minutes later, Cho Young-wook, who came out of the Seoul bench, fought back and was caught by the lying defense.

In the 37th minute of the second half, Lingard directly ended Kang’s low cross with his right foot, but the ball floated high above. Gersault’s left footed shot that knocked down Seoul’s side failed to pass the goalkeeper.

Jeju defeated Daejeon Hana Citizen 3-1 at the Jeju World Cup Stadium to secure its first win under coach Kim Hak-beom. Yuri Jonatan scored multiple goals and Jin Sung-wook scored a decisive goal. Gwangju won consecutive games by beating Gangwon FC 4-2 at the Gwangju Football Stadium.

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