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“2023 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer” held at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 20th.

After the game, the interviews involving coach Huh Young-chul and “Quad” Song Soo-hyung are as follows.

Please tell us how you feel about winning the game.

Coach Heo Young-chul: I felt similar to the first round, which won today’s game but allowed a turnaround during the game. I was a little nervous, but I’m glad I succeeded in revenge with a stronger appearance in the third set.

‘Quad’ Song Soo-hyung: I’m happy to win the game after a long time.

What do you think is the reason for today’s victory?

Coach Heo Young-chul: We always do well when we are in good spirits, but after the line game, we suddenly allowed a turnaround in the next game or in a good atmosphere, and the next set was also affected by the atmosphere and lost. Today was a game that showed when to fight as a team, so I fought when I needed to and made a quick decision operationally.

What are the ‘quad’ players aiming for in the third set and what did they ask for from the player?

Coach Heo Young-chul: The “quad” player consistently showed good performance, and there was also an advantage of setting goals according to the team’s operation and disadvantages. I wanted to show that in today’s game, but the line match went well, and I think it also showed well how to press and operate after taking the lead.

How did you prepare for the game?

‘Quad’ Song Soo-hyung: I think I went into the game with the idea of enjoying it a little more because it could be worse if I wanted to show a lot of things.

What did you think about the situation where you scored a solo kill in the middle of the game was similar to the situation where you allowed a similar solo kill in the last game?

“Quad” Song Soo-hyung: I didn’t think today’s solo kill scene was the opposite of the last game in Tristana-Azir composition at the time, but I suddenly found out later and thought it was fun.

How did you feel about your opponent’s ban on Casiophea?

“Quad” Song Soo-hyung: At the beginning of the season, I felt good when Cassiopea was hit by a van, but now I also think it’s a bit of a meta-surprise.

DRX talked about Banpick as their cause of defeat today. What part did you prepare for today’s game?

Coach Heo Young-chul: When talking about the first round of the game, the game can be difficult when the opponent’s “Rascal” player’s influence grows, so it removes the Jacks composition that “Rascal” is good at, and then takes stability in the top line match. I thought Rumble could take the lead, so when the Phase 1 van fixer didn’t come out, I was wary of doing a van. I thought I could tie up a “Rascal” player, and when I eventually played Rumble and Jax Van, the only pick I could take the lead against Lenecton was Queen. Expecting that DRX will combine Ivan-Tristana, it seems to have worked well to reduce the influence of “Rascal” players and make the team game easier as the combination becomes strange if Queen goes in here.

How are you preparing for the long-term flow of the regular season?

Coach Heo Young-chul: I don’t think there’s a team that can’t win the remaining matches. It worked out well in the scrim for a while, but the line match didn’t go well due to lack of confidence during consecutive losses. Since he is in good spirits now, he will naturally come with the intention of beating the match against Guangdong, and he believes that he can go to the playoffs unconditionally if he takes care of the win a little in the subsequent games. If you keep your confidence and don’t forget the basic skills, you are preparing for the game with the thought that the battle is worth fighting.

Will the operation of the mid liner keep the current situation?

Coach Heo Young-chul: Once the patch doesn’t change much, there will be players who usually use it, but it can change at any time depending on the judgment of the situation.

What is the background of having ‘Denden’ in the Challengers League?

Coach Heo Young-chul: The ‘Dendon’ player has not looked confident recently and his performance has not been good. In the scrimmage, mistakes were repeated, and the player even showed that he did not believe in himself. In order to overcome this situation, he eventually needs a heart to believe in himself, but he said that he only plays one game with the concept of restoring confidence, changing his mood, and breaking a slump.

How do you prepare for Guangdong?

Coach Heo Young-chul: I think Guangdong is definitely a good team, and since it is not a low-weight team, we need to play well from the line match. “Youngjae” often takes the atmosphere to his advantage with sharp early attacks, so I think it will be important to overcome it as a team through engagement or operation that we are good at.

Please say one last word.

‘Quad’ Song Soo-hyung: I feel very good to have won after a long time. I gained confidence that I can do anything in the future. 먹튀검증


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