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2013 because my side muscles were torn, but I never went to the second division simply because I couldn’t throw.

He threw as much as he could throw and was excluded 10 days before the end of the season because the team’s ranking was determined. Even he was four years ago.

Yang Hyun-jong has always thrown it with the thought that “I should be responsible.” It was also because of responsibility that he was able to throw more than 170 innings for eight consecutive years since 2014, when he took over the mound after inheriting the KIA ace position. Yang Hyun-jong, who always “refused” to rest despite the coaching staff’s opinion to rest at least once during the season, thought for the first time last month, “It won’t help much that I’m in the first division.”

Yang Hyun-jong, who had lost two consecutive games in early June and came down early, seemed to stand up again, but fell again in August. Yang Hyun-jong, who has never pitched more than six innings, let alone six innings (more than six innings and less than three earned runs), ended up in the second division when he allowed six hits, four walks and seven runs in 5.2 innings against Kiwoom on August 15.

KIA coach Kim Jong-kook and pitching coach Seo Jae-eung gave Yang Hyun-jong, who was excluded from the entry, 10 days and said, “Put it down.” Thinking for the first time, “It would be better for the team to go down,” Yang Hyun-jong accepted the “rest.”

Yang Hyun-jong said, “It was the first time I went to the second division simply because of my poor skills. It was also the first time that I thought it would be better to fall into it myself.” “In the past, even if I didn’t win for a month, I helped the team by blocking the innings, but now I can’t even hold the innings, and all my teammates are trying to win so hard, but I felt sorry to take the mound to find mine on the mound,” he said.

The pitching balance collapsed and a very fine form correction was needed, but in the end, what Yang Hyun-jong had to do while resting for 10 days was to empty his heavy mind and fill it with confidence again. I completely rested for the first three days, emptied my head, and trained by throwing again for the rest of the week. Yang Hyeon-jong, who returned, regained his former ace Yang Hyeon-jong. He won two consecutive games with two runs in six innings against Hanwha on August 26, when he returned to the first division, and seven scoreless innings against SSG on the 1st. It was the starting point for KIA’s eight-game winning streak.

Yang Hyun-jong said, “When I was sluggish in the first half, I actually only thought about the positive side. How a person keeps throwing well, I thought it was time to fall once. However, as I continued to throw it narrowly ever since, I became more and more depressed, he said. “This time, I was able to look back on my form because I had time (out of the entry). It’s not 100% yet, but I think I found my ball. His confidence is back. “The ball, which went in aggressively without any burden and was hit by a regular hit, became a foul in two games after returning, and Molly did not have a ball, so the number of pitches decreased and the innings increased,” he said.

KIA, which has not been easy to manage the mound this year due to the turbulence of foreign pitchers, expects the starters to endure as many innings as possible in the remaining games. At the center of it is also Yang Hyun-jong again, and Yang Hyun-jong, who returned and regained his first start, is adding fuel to KIA’s upward trend.

For 10 days, Yang Hyun-jong has been relieved of his burden as much as he needs. Yang Hyun-jong said, “(Kim) Tae-gun said it in an interview. If you don’t feel that responsibility or burden, you have to go to the second division. I’m here in the first division to take that burden, he said. “But now I won’t think I’m leading the whole game. The fielders are so good right now, so I think you can at least lose a point as a starter and expect from the batters after that. Instead, I will definitely hold out.”

Yang Hyun-jong has pitched 119.2 innings in 21 games since the opening, recording 7 wins, 7 losses, and a 4.06 ERA. Yang Hyun-jong, who threw 170 innings and won more than 10 games in the league’s only eight consecutive seasons until last year, practically gave up 170 innings, which he challenged for nine consecutive years. However, he has hope with the team for 10 wins for 9 consecutive years.

Yang Hyun-jong said, “I don’t think I’m 100% even now. The innings are difficult. However, he won two games right after returning, so he won seven games of the season. Thanks to the hitters. “Because the team is getting better, I think it will be possible to win 10 games and challenge myself,” he said. 메이저 토토사이트

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