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18 years old, youngest birthday debut goal

Lee Kang-in (23) of the French professional football league Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) made three consecutive appearances (starting two times in a row), helping his team win the match. PSG’s Yoram Zagh was named the youngest player in the league to score his debut goal on his 18th birthday in a match that marked his 18th birthday.

PSG’s Lee Kang-in played for 71 minutes as a 4-3-3 right wing forward in the 32nd round of the 2023-2024 Ligue 1 match against Nice at Allianz Riviera in Nice, France, on the morning of the 16th (Korea time), helping to win 2-1.

Lee Kang-in started as a wing-forward who energized PSG’s right-wing attack in the remaining games while already confirming his league win. Since he was replaced by Jair-Emery in the 31st minute in the second half of the second leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinal match against Borussia Dortmund in the German Bundesliga on the 8th, he has started three consecutive games since starting against Toulouse on the 13th.

PSG coach Luis Enrique is increasing the time for young players to play in case Kylian Mbappe leaves the team after this season. In the match against Nice on this day, 18-year-old Jair-Emery and same-age Yoram Zagh started, and Lee Kang-in’s playing time increased gradually, showing preparation for next season.

Lee Kang-in played as a right midfielder in the last home game of the season against Toulouse, and then opened the way for his attack with a right wing forward in the game. Lee Kang-in, who started two consecutive games, formed a three-top of 4-3-3- formation with Hamus Barcola. Luis Vitinha Zaire-Emeri defended the midfield, Veraldo Shkriniar Marquignos Zaguer defended the four-back, and Tenas defended the goal. Mbappe Donnarumma Ugarte did not play.

Lee Kang-in recorded an 88% (38/43) success rate through 50 ball touches in 71 minutes until he was replaced by Marco Asensio in the 26th minute of the second half with a 2-1 lead. Lee Kang-in has two goals and three assists in Ligue 1 and has three goals and four assists, including all matches including the European Football Confederation Champions League (UCL).

PSG, which has not won all of its recent competitions with one draw and three losses in four games, won 2-1 in five games thanks to Barcola’s first goal in the 18th minute of the first half and Zagh’s debut and final goal in the 23rd minute of the first half. PSG, which recorded 21 wins, 10 draws, and two losses (73 points), is scheduled to play its final league match against the Mets on the 20th.

Born on May 15, 2006, Zagh made his league debut goal in his fourth start of the season, brightening PSG’s future with Jair-Emeri. The right fullback, who signed a professional contract last year after playing for PSG Youth, pushed Barca’s cutback to score his first goal of the Ligue 1 team in four matches. Zagh’s debut goal set the record for the youngest birthday debut goal in Ligue 1 history. Lee Kang-in also celebrated Zagh’s debut goal with his teammates.먹튀검증

PSG, which won two gold medals this season with Trope de Champion (French Super Cup) and Ligue 1, will play the final match of the Coup de France (FA Cup) against Lyon on the 25th to win its third title.

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