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‘First No-Hitter of the Season’, Suspended from 10G for ‘Disgrace of Foreign Substances’

Ronel Blanco (30, Houston Astros), who achieved a no-hitter game in his first game after the opening, even set a true record of “44 consecutive no-hits” was disciplined for foreign substances.

The MLB Secretariat on Tuesday suspended Blanco for 10 games and imposed sanctions on him. The amount of the penalties was not disclosed.

Earlier, Blanco started at a home game against the Texas Rangers on the 15th, and pitched without allowing a single goal until the third inning. The problem is the glove test right before he took the mound in the fourth inning.

In the process, the referee examined Blanco’s hands and gloves, and decided to leave the court as he believed he had applied foreign substances. There was no problem in the first inning, but he found a foreign substance in the fourth inning.스포츠토토

Houston coach Blanco and Joe Espada claimed that the resin powder went into the glove while touching the rosin bag and was mixed with sweat.

However, the referee called it a foreign substance and ordered him to leave the court. The Major League Baseball’s secretariat also accepted the request and disciplined Blanco.

In response, the official major league website said Houston manager Dana Brown will not appeal the disciplinary action.

Blanco achieved a no-hitter game on April 2 against the Toronto Blue Jays. He then set a real record of 44 out no-hitter with outstanding pitching in the next game.

Blanco continued to display good pitching after the no-hitter, and posted four wins and no loss with an ERA of 2.09 through Tuesday. However, he was humiliated by the latest disciplinary action.

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