Monday, 24th June 2024

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Wins Bundesliga Player of the Year Award

“Birtz won the German Bundesliga Player of the Year award for the 2023-2024 season,” Leverkusen said on its SNS account on Tuesday (Korea time). “Congratulations on Birtz’s win and we are very proud of him.” 

Birtz is a German striker. He is now called the “second Kevin De Bruyne” in Europe. He boasts sophisticated kick skills and can produce many scores and assists. He is evaluated as excellent in ballkeeping and passing skills even in Germany. 

Birtz is a former FC Cologne youth team. He moved to Leverkusen in 2020. Birtz was called up to the first team during the 2019-20 season from Leverkusen, and made his debut goal in the German Bundesliga, becoming the youngest player to play in the Bundesliga (17 years and 15 days) and the youngest ever to score a Bundesliga goal (17 years and 34 days).

In 2020, Birz won the gold medal in the Fritz Walter Medal, which is given to Germany’s best player, in the U-17 category. From the 2020-21 season, he started almost every game, taking the starting midfield position for Leverkusen. In the 2021-22 season, he faced a career crisis due to knee meniscus and cruciate ligament injuries, but after returning, his performance improved. 

Leverkusen has been on the rise this season. Birz has had 11 goals and 11 assists in 32 matches in the league. Birz has won the Bundesliga Player of the Month three times this season alone. He acquired the first Bundesliga Player of the Month in October last year, and was named the Player of the Month in December and February.

Leverkusen won its first Bundesliga championship in 120 years thanks to Birtz’s performance. He also became the first Bundesliga player to win the Bundesliga unbeaten title. Birtz contributed tremendously to the Bundesliga championship and won the Bundesliga Player of the Year award in recognition of his performance. It is Birtz’s first win. 

Leverkusen’s season is not over yet. Leverkusen will play at the UEFA Europa League final against Atalanta on May 23. It will also play the DFB-Pokal final against FC Kaiserslautern on May 26. It will try its hand at the mini-tribble (winning Europa League, home league, FA Cup) this season.

Based on his performance this season, Birtz is attracting attention from big clubs. Manchester City picked Birtz as a replacement for The Briner. Real Madrid is making up three Galactico phases and wants to have a midfielder around Birtz. Attention is also being paid to his next destination.메이저 토토사이트