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What does GS coach Sang-hyun Cha think is the best case scenario for a 30-point Silva?

GS Caltex swept the women’s professional volleyball team in their home opener. Head coach Cha Sang-hyun analyzed the reason for the victory, saying, “We analyzed the opponent a lot and it worked.”

“I didn’t expect a 3-0 victory,” Cha said after the match against the Dodram V-League 2023-24 women’s team Red Sparks at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on Tuesday. On the day, GS defeated Jeonggwanjang in three sets (25-21 25-22 25-17).

“When I saw the flow of his first game, I thought I might lose,” Cha said, adding, “I analyzed a lot and came to the game, and I think it worked a little bit.” Jeong Kwan-jang had previously shown a strong performance against IBK.

Gisele Silva (5-foot-9) was the star of the match. Silva was everywhere on the court – forward, back row, blocking, and serving – and scored 30 points on her own to lead her team to victory.

Head coach Cha Sang-hyun described Silva as “a player who brings stability to the team” both on and off the court. “She has a lot of experience and doesn’t get nervous based on that,” he said, adding, “The rest of the players trust her, so she gives the team a sense of stability.” “Her swing speed is really good,” he said, adding, “She might look slow because she’s big, but the power that comes from her speed is comparable to Kang So-hwi’s.”

“She’s a very good volleyball player,” said Cha, who emphasized that the other players trust Silva to serve the ball and that she will take care of it. “That creates a positive atmosphere that reduces a lot of anxiety,” he analyzed.

“I think it’s too early to judge all the teams based on one game,” Cha said, predicting that the real performance 토토 of each team will be seen in the second round. “Volleyball is not just a game of wills, it’s a game of coordination from start to finish, and I think each team struggled with this after the Asian Games,” he said, “The team that can solve this problem quickly and get their team system down quickly will win.”

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