Monday, 24th June 2024

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Transport Minister Jeff Eurek joined representatives from Metrolings

The new station will cost the gaming company about CA$75 million and taxpayers will pay nothing to see the project become a reality and affect their daily lives. The overall tally could reach C$90 million in the construction process, but no special period could be issued for the time being as the project is still in its infancy. The Ontario government has partnered closely with the game company that manages Metrolings and the racecourse to find optimal results.

The project was hinted at in late November 2018, and conversations are ongoing and further details are being sought. Minister Eurek said the collaboration seeks to provide the most cost-friendly solution for local residents, which is why communities will not pay anything for the new station. But the benefits to the region are more than tempting, because the projections are promising.

The new GO station will introduce new jobs to the area during and after this initial stage of construction. What should also be considered is that this is only the first step in a more global plan involving the creation of an entire community. The government is willing to build communities with the provision of new housing. In this respect, the construction of a new station will be beneficial for future development.

Access will be easier, which is expected to make the area much more attractive to individuals. Entertainment possibilities should also be considered as Woodbine Racecourse has always been able to attract athletes with live horse racing dates and various game options. In April 2018, the location was also granted permission to add much more to its offerings and bring casino venues, hotels and entertainment complexes to the area.

More people are expected to go there
Jim Lawson, chief executive of Woodbine Entertainment, said one of the project’s main goals is to make the track even more attractive to individuals in the Greater Toronto area. All parties involved in the project are looking for benefits, but eventually people are expected to get most of the benefits. Construction work on the west side of Highway 27 is expected to begin in the near future.

The new station will effectively replace Etobycork North station, which will be removed once the new station is completed and operations begin. About 790 parking spaces will make transportation convenient for people to and from the new station. According to estimates, the new operation could attract 14,700 daily commuters who use it on their commute and on their way home.


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