Monday, 24th June 2024

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Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club aims to win its first boy’s sports competition

The Tongyeong City Basketball Club, a school-linked sports club supported by the Korean Sports Council, will beat out Donggwang Elementary School in Gimhae and Sahwa Elementary School in Changwon this year, following 2023 and will play the role of the South Gyeongsang Province representative in the Boys’ Sports Festival. The Boys’ Sports Festival basketball event will begin in Gangjin, South Jeolla Province, from Monday.

The current atmosphere is expected that Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club, which is actively supported by the Tongyeong City Basketball Association, will continue to represent Gyeongnam. As such, Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club is very strong.

As evidenced by this, Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club also advanced to the knockout stage at the National Elementary Basketball Competition held in April.

Coach Ha Sung-ki, who leads the Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club, said in a phone call, “My children came every weekend and trained at that time, but they did a good job. I’m grateful for that,” adding, “I don’t have time to train because I go to school on weekdays. I’m sad about that, but I’m proud that the players followed me well.” He told me how he prepared for the boys’ sports event.
Underlying the Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club’s strength is the Stove League last winter, which was well spent.

“Kim Do-han (Tongyeong City Basketball Association) has helped me achieve something that I am not good at,” Ha Sung-ki said. “Playing with nine teams that I am good at, including Songjeong Elementary School, Samgwang Elementary School and Chilgok Elementary School, my skills have improved a lot. He was very helpful,” Ha Sung-ki said. “Kim Do-han is very strong and good at scouting. He is highly likely because he is a fan of basketball at a basketball club.”

Park Si-hoo (16.3 points, 5.3 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 2.8 steals) and Kang Ha-yoon (7.8 points, 9.8 assists, 2.8 steals, 1.8 blocks) were responsible for scoring and rebounding in the association.

When asked about the senior player of the association who advanced to the knockout stage, Ha Sung-ki said, “I was surprised, too. Cha Jeong-in was excluded, but Park Si-hoo was better than I thought as a guard, and Kang Ha-yoon, Kim Jae-yoon, and Kim Woo-bin were the same,” adding, “We achieved better-than-expected results. Both offense and defense have improved.”

Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club is expected to display a better game this year because it experienced the Boys’ Sports Festival last year. Last year, it lost 27-37 to the Jeju starters.

“Players were nervous because it was my first time participating in the event last year. I practiced less than this time. It was my first big event like the Boys’ Sports Festival without knowing anything,” Ha Sung-ki said. “This time, I joined the association’s presidential team and my performance improved. My anxiety about the game has gone away. That was a big deal. I went out without knowing what I was doing last year, but I prepared well from the stove league this year.”

Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club’s first opponent is Seongnam Elementary School in Busan. It avoided strong teams. The matchup luck is not bad. However, Seongnam Elementary School in Busan can also be considered to have good matchup luck.

“(Seongnam Elementary School in Busan) has good defense and has an ace player, but I couldn’t play as the head of the association because I had a cast. I will play this time. I heard that if he comes out, other players’ skills will improve and the team’s balance will improve,” Ha Sung-ki said. “Seongnam Elementary School in Busan has good defense and shooting. We have to secure the first game. We have to trust the players.”

“We have a height advantage. Even if Seongnam Elementary School or Songcheon Elementary School (which is highly likely to meet Seongnam Elementary School if they beat Seongnam Elementary School) has superior defense and basic skills, we have to play as a post-attack. We are 170 centimeters tall or more,” he said. “As we pursue fast basketball, it will be fun if we can play fast.”안전놀이터 추천

Coach Ha Sung-ki said, “I want to play this year’s event for my players. I’m grateful that I practiced during the weekend even though I practiced less than other elite athletes.” Players from the Tongyeong Basketball Sports Club performed well in the athletes’ class. “I want to share with them the joy of winning my first victory in the Boys’ Sports Festival so that my efforts will not be in vain,” he said. “I was able to come this far thanks to Chairman Kim Do-han’s tremendous support. I have a grateful heart for my players,” he hoped for his first victory.