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Thomas Tuchel had a fun joke about the possibility of signing Kylian Mbappe

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel (50), who also plays for Kim Min-jae (27), had a fun joke about the possibility of signing Kylian Mbappe (25, Paris Saint-Germain).

Speaking to France’s CatalPlus on Wednesday (Nov. 13), Tuchel said of Mbappe, who can become a free agent next year at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), “That’s right. Mbappe will play for us,” he joked, before adding, “Mbappe is Mbappe. He’s very smart. We had a good relationship.”

“If Mbappe wants to come to Bayern Munich, I will bring him on my bike myself,” he added, emphasizing that “when he wants something, he can get it.”

Tuchel has already worked with Mbappe during his time in charge of PSG (2018-2020). Tuchel won five major trophies with Mbappe, including two Ligue 1 titles. Most notably, they reached the UEFA Champions League final in the 2019-2020 season. However, 바카라사이트 they had to settle for runners-up honors against Bayern Munich.

Mbappe has been actively courted by Real Madrid for the past two years.

Last summer and again this summer, Mbappe was heavily linked with a move to Real, especially after he declared that he would not be exercising his option to extend his contract at PSG for another year ahead of the upcoming season, which led to a falling out with the club’s hierarchy. The PSG organization perceives that Mbappe and Real have reached a personal agreement.Mbappe has been actively courted by Real Madrid for the past two years.

However, in the end, Mbappe dramatically reconciled with PSG and returned to the club. Local media outlets claimed that Mbappe agreed to forgo a loyalty bonus of up to €100 million ($140.7 million) that he would have received if he stayed at the club this season, in exchange for PSG not interfering with his ability to leave the club as a free agent.

At the time, it seemed self-evident where Mbappe was headed.

While Real officially denied the initial reports of contact with Mbappe in a statement on May 5, stating that “the media information about negotiations between Mbappe and our club is clearly false” and that “there have been no negotiations with any player from PSG,” Mbappe’s chances of joining Real are still quite high.

However, according to Spanish outlet CadenaSER, Real have recently given up on signing Mbappe. Instead, they’re looking to bring in other strikers to replace Mbappe, who has been on and off the market. One of those players is Bayern Munich’s Jamal Mbappe. Mbappe is under contract until 2026 but has yet to sign a new deal.

Tuchel was successful in signing Harry Kane, 30, from Tottenham ahead of the season. Kane has already lived up to expectations this season, scoring 21 goals in 16 games. Adding Mbappe to the mix would give Tuchel his best attacking combination yet. Tuchel’s comments make us wonder where Mbappe will end up this summer.

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