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There will be good results at the Asian Cup.” Hwang Hee-chan, please cheer him on

Hwang Hee-chan (27, Wolverhampton) supported Jurgen Klinsmann, the coach of the national soccer team. His story is that he is heading in a good direction.

Hwang Hee-chan faced reporters at Paju NFC (National Football Team Training Center) on the afternoon of the 10th and said, “When the players saw it, they called up three times, and the coach lacked time. I think it’s getting better with each call-up. We won the last call-up, and we need to show better performance this time. As time goes by, I think I can show you a better performance,” he said.

Klinsmann, who took the helm of the national soccer team in March, won one game in six months and six games. In the meantime, public opinion has deteriorated for a number of reasons, and the long-awaited first win did not improve. Above all, in addition to his poor performance, fans’ trust in the new head coach virtually disappeared as the controversy over Klinsmann’s overseas trip continued.

However, Hwang Hee-chan said, “We believe 100% because we are our coach. Since the Asian Cup is just around the corner, there will be good results if you trust the coach,” he said. “There are many good players (in the national team). First of all, I hope you can cheer for me,” he asked.

Cho Kyu-sung (Mitt Whelan) also expressed satisfaction with Klinsmann’s coaching system. When asked what was better compared to former coach Paulo Bento, Cho Kyu-sung said “care” at once. “It’s good to be able to play in 100% condition (under Klinsmann’s system),” he said.

Klinsmann is always receiving the most attention from the national team. When he won his first victory against Saudi Arabia last month, Klinsmann’s entry into Korea was also the biggest issue. As such, the controversy over foreign travel has emerged.

Coach Klinsmann, who stepped on Korean soil after the A-match in September, headed to the U.S., where his home is located, just five days later. Amid the ongoing controversy, coach Klinsmann said, “I think there are concerns and concerns because the role and work style of the national team coach are different from previous coaches that Korean media and fans are used to. I think the job of a director is to do international vision and international activities. If you are a coach of the K League, you should stay in Korea all the time, but the coach of the national team is different. I’m always working wherever I go. This is how I work and it’s been my life,” he said.


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