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“The ups and downs on the mound have decreased a lot compared to last year”

With the system in place, even if the starting lineup falters in the second half, the bullpen offsets it. The bullpen is dominating the second half with ERA 2.75 and WHIP 1.24 (2nd place).

This season, the NC bullpen boasts such a solid power that it does not need to distinguish between the must-win group and the chase group, but the setup man also played a role as a stepping stone to victory. This is the story of Ryu Jin-wook (27). Ryu has played in 42 games this season with 12 holds, ERA 1.31, and WHIP 0.87. NC manager Kang In-kwon even raised Ryu Jin-wook’s pitch, saying, “Ryu Jin-wook’s pitch has really improved,” even when asked about his overall contribution to the mound.

Regarding Ryu Jin-wook’s performance this season, head coach Kang said, “Both the forkball and the cutter that he is throwing well now have very high pitch values. “The ball speed has also accelerated,” he said. “In particular, I’m taking the mound and throwing it at every important moment in the eighth inning, and I think I’m playing my role enough.”

According to KBO’s official record statistics company Sports2I, Ryu’s average fastball speed has steadily increased since 2021. It was 144.4km in 2021, but it jumped to 146.3km last year and became faster to 147.3km this year. As a result, it is easier to take away the timing of the strike as the gap in the ball speed can be widened. The improvement of speed and completeness of breaking balls soon led to confidence.


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