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The competition for the main player becomes fiercer…München Araujo’s recruitment push

German media Bild said on the 17th (Korea Standard Time), “Spain FC Barcelona Ronald Araujo is still eligible for Bayern Munich,” adding, “Araujo is also considering breaking up with Barcelona.” Bild explained that Tuchel likes Araujo, but it turned out that the recruitment of Araujo was led by the team’s leadership.

Araujo has consistently been linked to Bayern Munich. German media outlet Tz quoted a Spanish report on the possibility of Araujo moving, saying, “Everything is not good between Araujo and Barcelona,” adding, “Araujo has lost support from some people in Barcelona.”

According to the report, Barcelona wants to increase Araujo’s contract, which has been signed by 2026, but hesitated to renew the contract due to Araujo’s departure in the match against Paris Saint-Germain (the second leg of the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals). In addition, with the financial situation still unstable, it is imperative to earn transfer fees to recruit new players in the upcoming summer transfer market.

According to Spanish media quoted by Tz, Araujo’s transfer fee ranges from 60 million euros to 70 million euros. Bayern Munich, which has been keeping an eye on Araujo for a long time, is willing to pay up to 100 million euros. Analysts say the amount is difficult for Barcelona to refuse.

The media reported that Araujo’s assessment is also mixed within the club. According to the report, some officials in the club say Araujo should be protected, while others say he should earn a transfer fee by selling Araujo to strengthen his squad. However, unlike a few months ago, Araujo is no longer an “unsellable” player, raising the possibility that he will move to Bayern Munich.

On the 19th, reporter Luis Canut from Catalonia, who is bright about Barcelona’s news, appeared on Spanish broadcaster “Onze” and said, “Bayern Munich is in contact with Araujo’s agent and negotiating.”

Araujo left his country Uruguay in 2018 to join the Barcelona B team. He has been a key player since being called up to the first team during the 2019-20 season. He is 191 centimeters tall and boasts extremely fast speed. Based on this, Araujo’s biggest advantage is to neutralize opposing strikers while playing one-on-one defense. In addition, he is a multi-resource that can play not only center back but also right back positions.

Bayern Munich was linked with Araujo in the winter transfer window in January. However, the move fell through when Araujo announced his stay. At the time, Araujo said about the transfer of Bayern Munich and Manchester United, “I am happy at Barcelona and it is true. Rumors of a transfer to Bayern Munich are coming out during the transfer window. Last summer, rumors circulated about a transfer to Manchester United. Apart from many others’ comments, I am focusing on Barcelona.”

However, there have been continuous reports that Bayern Munich is aiming for Araujo. Germany’s Bild said last month that Bayern Munich has become the most eager player to strengthen its defense since the center backs including Kim Min-jae, Dayot Upamecano, and Matthias Derricht continued to decline in performance.

If Araujo joins Eric Dier, who was brought on loan, as his contract will be automatically extended until next season, he will have as many as five central defenders in the Bayern Munich first team. It is a bad news for Kim Min-jae, who is considered the third option this season.

Rumors had it that Kim would stay in the team for the next season and compete for the starting position. “Kim Min-jae is currently the third center back in Bayern Munich,” Plattenberg, a reporter for Germany’s Sky Sports, said. “Kim Min-jae is not satisfied with the current situation. However, he is not considering a transfer in the summer.”메이저 토토사이트

“Kim Min-jae wants to prove next season why Bayern Munich hired him. Kim Min-jae is also comfortable with Munich and the club,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tuchel, who had negotiated with Bayern Munich to renew his contract, announced his departure from Bayern Munich on the same day. “Today is my last press conference in Bayern Munich. We have had discussions that we can have together in recent weeks, but we have not reached an agreement. We cannot go into details here, and we have decided to maintain our decision to leave in February,” Tuchel told a press conference ahead of the final match between Hoffenheim and the German Bundesliga in the 2023-24 season.

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