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“Still for the Cycle”

Elie de la Cruz (22), the “No. 1 stolen base in the entire Major League,” tried to steal second base, steal third base and home steal in one inning of a game, but it was unfortunately canceled.

Cincinnati had a home game against the Colorado Rockies at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio on the 9th (Korea time).

De La Cruz, who started as Cincinnati’s second shortstop on the day, made two hits, one RBI, two runs, one walk, and two steals from three times at bat. Cincinnati won the game 6-0.

De La Cruz walked in the first inning to get on base and stole second and third bases right away. He stole his 44th and 45th bases for this season. So far, he has been very good.

De La Cruz, however, took advantage of the first baseman’s steal to the third base with two outs and runners on the first and third bases, and made an attempt to reach the homestead. However, Cruz was left disappointed as he was out of the homestead.

Colorado second baseman Brendan Rodgers’ throw was very good, and catcher Elias Díaz, who tagged it, also showed a perfect play.

In the Major League, he stole second, third and home runs in the 32nd inning. Unfortunately, De La Cruz lost his chance to become the 33rd player.

After hitting hits in the fourth and eighth innings, De La Cruz appeared to refrain from stealing. De La Cruz then scored on the follow-up hits to lead his team to victory.

La Cruz had a .251 batting average, 15 homers, 40 RBIs, 62 runs and 85 hits, and a 0.344 OPS 0.813 on-base percentage in 91 games of the season.안전토토사이트

He stole 45 bases (eight failed attempts). The Major League’s official website MLB.com said that Cruz set a new record for the most stolen bases in the first half of the season with two stolen bases.

The previous record was Billy Hamilton, who made his name as the fastest player in the major leagues but retired early due to poor batting. He hit 44 steals in 2015.

De La Cruz added two more stolen bases on the day, showing a pace of 80 steals. The figure has dropped significantly from 110 at the beginning of this season. However, he is still atop in stolen bases by a wide margin.


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