Friday, 17th May 2024

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SSG Landers completed the closing camp of promising players under the leadership of new Futures coach Son Si-heon (second-tier).

SSG is Satsumasen, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan from the 1st to the 24thA camp for promising athletes was held at the sports park located in the city.

SSG focused on intensive technical training aimed at fostering promising players in this camp.

Coach Son, who moved to Kagoshima on the 2nd with the SSG Futures team at the helm, led the training for about three weeks.

Coach Son said, “We focused on training to strengthen the basic skills and prepare for the actual game,” adding, “This training was able to confirm the possibility of the players.” It was a meaningful camp where the players themselves found what they lacked, he said.

Meanwhile, pitcher Lee Kun-wook and infielder Ahn Sang-hyun were selected as the club’s most valuable player (MVP) given to the most exemplary player during this camp.

Lee Kun-wook said, “I tried to make mine in the technical part of this camp. I would like to thank the coaching staff for their help,” he said.

Ahn Sang-hyun said, “In this camp, we tried to have a stable defense and accurate hitting ability. “I will make a good body this winter so that I can play in many games next season,” he said. 사설 토토사이트

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