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Spanish Football Association Sacks Coach Bilda, Women’s World Cup victory

Spanish Football Association sacks coach Bilda, who led Women’s World Cup victory

The successor is Tome, the ‘first female leader’… Association officially apologizes for ‘Rubiales incident’

The Spanish Football Association fired coach Jorge Bilda, who helped his country win the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The Spanish Football Association announced coach Bilda’s resignation through its website on the 5th (local time).

Jorge Bilda

He said, “I am grateful for the success (Coach Bilda) achieved during his tenure,” and added, “Thanks to this, the association was able to obtain a methodology that is key to the development of the women’s national team.” 토토사이트

Coach Bilda, who has been in charge of the Spanish women’s national team since 2015,

led the team to victory in the Australia-New Zealand World Cup, which ended on the 20th of last month.

She is the first ever World Cup winner for the Spanish women’s team.

During the 2015 Canada World Cup, Spain lost the final match against the Korean national team led by coach Yoon Deok-yeo and was eliminated in the group stage,

but after coach Jorge Bilda took office, Spain gradually emerged as a powerhouse in Europe.

France World Cup

Spain, who advanced to the round of 16 at the 2019 France World Cup,

also advanced to the quarterfinals of last year’s European Women’s Football Championship (Women’s Euro 2022) and engaged in a fierce battle that went all the way to overtime with the champion England.

Although Coach Bilda showed great leadership skills on the field, he was not without ‘blemishes’.

Last September, 15 players from the Spanish women’s national team began a ‘boycott of training’ in protest against coach Bilda’s coaching methods.

The person who showed a deep bond at the time and helped Coach Bilda keep his position was Luis Rubiales, the current president of The Football Association, who is currently suspended.

President Rubiales

Coach Bilda, who received the support of President Rubiales, took the initiative to participate in the World Cup, excluding 12 of the 15 who rebelled at the time.

At the association’s extraordinary general meeting held on the 25th of last month,

Director Bilda was captured clapping his hands when President Rubiales said that he would not resign and that ‘social assassination’ was taking place.

President Rubiales became the target of global criticism for grabbing and kissing the face of his country’s national team player,

Henifer Hermoso, at the Women’s World Cup awards ceremony.

Henifer Hermoso

Afterwards, Hermoso expressed his opinion that he “wasn’t in a good mood,” and public opinion heated up as FootPro,

the labor union to which Henifer Hermoso belongs, also argued that the president’s “surprise kiss” should be punished.

Chairman Rubiales apologized, saying it was an action he took with Hermoso’s consent, but public opinion worsened further and pressure for his resignation continued.

In the end, FIFA also suspended President Rubiales for 90 days and began further investigation,

even judicial authorities are investigating whether he is guilty of the behavior in question.

On the 27th of last month, the entire coaching staff, except coach Bilda, condemned Chairman Rubiales and resigned.

Among them, coach Montserrat Tome, born in 1982, took over as coach Bilda’s successor.

For the first time, a female coach will lead the Spanish women’s national team.

Pedro Rocha

Acting Chairman Pedro Rocha, who took power when Chairman Rubiales was suspended,

also issued an official apology statement on this day.

Acting President Rocha said, “The association apologizes for Rubiales’ wrong actions.

We sincerely apologize to the world of soccer, FIFA, UEFA, the players,

especially the national team players and the fans.” .

He went on to draw a line, saying, “(This incident) has caused enormous damage not only to Spanish soccer, sports, and society, but also to soccer itself as a sport,” and added, “Rubiales is not a person who represents the values ​​supported by the association or Spanish society.”


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