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South Korea, stuck in the ‘11%-40%’ bracket, falls to short-handed Japan… first loss in group stage

Korea is not smiling in the Japan-Korea game.

The Republic of Korea men’s basketball 3X3 team lost 17-21 against Japan in the men’s basketball 3X3 Group B preliminary round of the 온라인카지노 Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at the Duching Geographic Information Park Court on Sunday in Hangzhou, China. Korea improved to 2-1 in Group B play.

Lee Won-seok (C, 207 cm) had six points and seven rebounds. Lee Doo-won (C, 204 cm) also had a strong game with six points, four rebounds, and three blocked shots. Signe Jin (G, 188 cm) and Kim Dong-hyun (G, 190 cm) combined for just five points as they struggled from the field.

After a shaky 0-3 start, South Korea opened with a basket by Kim Dong-hyun. Lee Won-seok’s free throw and Lee Doo-won’s paint-zone score tied the game.

After trading baskets with Japan, South Korea slowly pulled away. They gave up two points to Haruaki Tanaka (178 cm, G) and two points to Taroburaito Chukuoma (192 cm, F), pushing their deficit to five points (5-10).

Lee Won-seok and Lee Doo-won were strong under the basket, but the Koreans were exposed in their perimeter defense. They gave up two points to Haruaki Tanaka and Takumi Shimokawa (188 cm, F). It was a seven-point deficit.

In dire straits, Korea capitalized on its height advantage. Lee Doo-won and Lee Won-seok scored in the painted area, and Signing Jin followed with a drive-in. Signeonjin’s three-pointer, which had been silent, came through, bringing the score to within one point (13-14).

This time, however, it was Korea that hit the outside shot. Haruaki Tanaka and Taroburaitochukuoma Saito scored two points in a row.
Nevertheless, South Korea continued to chip away at the deficit thanks to Lee Doo-won. Lee kept the lead with a basket and a free throw.

However, Haruaki Tanaka struck the final blow for Korea with two points with 45 seconds left in the game. Japan used archery basketball to hold off Korea’s late rally, improving to 2-1 in Group B.

Meanwhile, South Korea will play Turkmenistan in their final Group B game on the 29th at the same venue. They will need to win that game to keep their hopes of topping Group B alive.


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