Monday, 24th June 2024

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Seoul Samsung, FA Choi Hyun-min, Choi St. Mary’s at the same time

Samsung has recruited free agents Choi Hyun-min (compensation 250 million – annual salary 200 million + incentives 50 million) and Choi St. Mary’s (compensation 210 million – annual salary 16.8 billion + incentives 0.42 billion). Both players have a three-year contract period. –

Choi Hyun-min is a resource that can play both No. 3 and No. 4, and he expects to empower the forward through scoring based on a consistent three-point shot and a flurry of defense.

Choi St. Mary’s is a player who has strengths in breaking through and defending using fast speed, and expects to revitalize the guards with active rebound participation and high energy.안전놀이터 추천