Saturday, 18th May 2024

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Seoul E-Land FC added speed to the offense by recruiting Bruno Silva.

Seoul E-Land FC announced on the 9th that it has recruited Bruno da Silva Costa, a striker who played for Brazil’s Chapekoensi and CRB.

Bruno Silva, who is 176 cm/70 kg, is a left-handed striker who boasts fast pitching and bold dribbling skills. He will also have sharp kicking power and help Seoul E-Land FC create diverse offensive routes.

Bruno Silva has become a leading winger since his debut with Chapecoensee in Brazil’s top league (Serie A) in 2018 and has played 31 games since the first year. Since then, he has made his name known by playing for Atletico Mineiro (Serie A) and Gremio Novorizoncino (Serie B). He has continued to grow every season by scoring four goals and one assist in 18 matches in the CRB (Serie B) last season.

Bruno Silva said, “I am happy to join E-Land FC in Seoul. I will establish myself as a key player who contributes to the team’s victory by showing aggressive performances,” adding, “I will become a player who is committed to the promotion, which is the goal of the team, by pouring everything into the stadium.”


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