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Revealed the next day’s players on his personal SNS, and the eccentric manager Shinjo’s unconventional plan

Nippon Ham Fighters coach Shinjo Tsuyoshi (52) announced the starting pitcher for the 2024 opening game in November last year, which made headlines. On Nov. 23 of that year, he unveiled the starting pitcher for the opening game of the next season at an event with fans at his home stadium, Kitahiroshima Esconfield in Hokkaido. Holding the microphone with 32,262 fans watching, he said, “Next year is the third year of the season. Hiromi Ito will start the 2024 opening game.”

“After taking the mound for the last time in the regular season, the coach talked about starting the next year’s opening game. I will prepare well,” Ito said.

His announcement four months ago was not a pretense. As a starter at the opening game of an away game against the Chiba Lotte Marines on March 29, Ito pitched six innings of four hits and no run. The Nippon-Ham, which won 4-1, got off to a fresh start.
On the first day of the wrap-up training that took place in November last year, Shinjo instructed only defensive training. The team opened the spectators’ stand at Escon Field to fans to watch the training. Shinjo said, “We need to strengthen our defense.”

Shinjo, an outfielder with good shoulders, played for the Hanshin Tigers before moving to the Major League. After playing for the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants for three years, he returned to Japan. Instead of playing for the Hanshin Tigers, he was wearing the Nippon Ham. He left Tokyo and moved to Hokkaido. He retired after playing for the Nippon Ham team for three seasons.

After quitting the job, he has a unique track record. He has never been an official leader of a professional team. Suddenly, he announced his return to active duty, which made headlines. He moved to Bali, Indonesia and lived there.

He returned to Nippon Ham after 16 years and took the helm. Hideki Gurihara entered the position he formed when he became the head coach of the Japanese national team.

He asked the manager to call him “BIGBOSS,” and displayed a variety of performances, including riding a motorcycle into the stadium. He was quite different from typical Japanese professional baseball players. He is a very active leader in communicating with fans. He also presents fans with expensive clothes and accessories that he has worn or used.

On Sunday, Shinjo posted a portion of his starting lineup on his Instagram account. At a match against the Orix Buffaloes to be held at Escon Field on Sunday, Takuya Nakashima (33), a 16-year-old veteran, will start as the first and second basemen. He played mostly as a pinch hitter and a pinch runner. He had a batting average of 214 percent (three hits in 14 at-bats) and one RBI in 18 games.

In addition, Shun Mizutani (23), who used to be an active player in the second division, is expected to play as the fifth-left fielder. Mizutani, who transferred from the Softbank Hawks, had eight homers and 23 RBIs in 32 games in the Eastern League. In this year’s first division, he played in four games and recorded a batting average of 15.4 percent to one RBI, ranking first in homers in the Eastern League. At a match against Chiba Lotte on April 20, he had no hit in three times at bat and his registration was canceled. He returned to the main division after a month absence.

As was the case during his playing days, he has unique managerial principles. He made an unprecedented proposal to re-organize the teams of the Central, Pacific and Japanese professional baseball leagues through drawing lots.스포츠토토

This is his third year as the head coach. If he fails to produce good results, chances are high it will be his last season. Nippon Ham ranked at the bottom of the Pacific League for two consecutive years between 2022-2023. The mood has changed this year. As of Tuesday, the team is ranking second only to Softbank.

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