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Praise of Tottenham Legend Postecoglu

Tottenham Hotspur, led by ‘Captain’ Son Heung-min

received applause from the legend of the team. 

In particular

Tottenham coach Enze Postecoglu

who took the helm

is drawing support from fans with a different attacking football than before.

British football London reported on the 24th

Dimitar Berbatov (42, Bulgaria)

a former Tottenham striker

believes that Postekoglu will give the team 토토사이트 trophy after 15 years of waiting.

The media highlighted Tottenham’s changed attacking tendency through an interview with Berbatov


Director Postecoglu is already doing what Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte couldn’t do at Tottenham.

Ahead of the opening season

Tottenham’s flagship striker Harry Kane left for Bayern Munich

Germany, and a struggle was expected.


once the lid is opened

it is performing beyond expectations. 

Recently, they have recorded one win and one draw since the opening of the league, including a 2-0 victory over strong Manchester United.

Tottenham’s captain Son Heung-min and newly recruited midfielder James Madison are at the center of the game

and defensive weaknesses have been supplemented by bringing in center back Mickey Van Derben.

In particular, it is impressive that he is playing aggressive soccer by raising the line and pressing from the front. 

If coaches Mourinho and Conte

who previously led Tottenham, focused on counters close to ‘counterattacks after players’ defenses’

Coach Postecoglu’s football is much more attack-oriented and dynamic.

“Postekoglu won the trophy at Celtic (Scotland).

Many fans are hoping he will bring the winning mentality to Tottenham so the team can lift the trophy

Berbatov said.

He added

There is a high possibility (in the future) to see a team that is aggressive and creates chances that Tottenham fans want.

Berbatov said

Everyone will feel it.

The fans want to keep attacking.

It will give them courage when they score goals and go forward.


Tottenham will play the third round of the 2023-24 season EPL against Bournemouth on the 26th.

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