Saturday, 18th May 2024

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Players will be required to use their IDs when betting on physical stores.

There is no requirement for individual gamblers to design player IDs, meaning they decide for themselves whether their player IDs are virtual, for example, virtual IDs in the app, or whether to issue physical cards.

In order for players to receive their Player ID, they must be linked to a gambling account with a gambling operator, where the jackpot will be paid. Player ID, among other things, allows the player to set a deposit limit, and at the same time ensures that the player does not lose their prize money if the betting slip is lost.

Player ID means that players other than themselves have been blocked from gambling using ROFUS since October 1, 2023 from gambling even in physical stores.

The requirements for player registration and mandatory use of player IDs are due to a political desire to strengthen consumer protection and reduce the risk of teenagers under the age of 18 accessing gambling in physical stores, and there is a desire to strengthen efforts to prevent match-fixing and money laundering.

In November 2019, implementation of player ID mandates in the physical betting market was politically agreed. 온라인 슬롯


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