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Ontario Lottery Winners Receive Jackpot By Mail

The Ontario Lottery and Game Company has been working on the most appropriate way to navigate the ever-changing situation at the provincial level. As many local businesses began the opening process, prize centers were closed for lottery winners. But lucky individuals who win can still get it if it’s less than 50,000 Canadian dollars.

Ontario residents are encouraged to explore online gaming opportunities available online as Crown Company strives to strengthen its online gaming platform. PlayOLG.ca can meet players’ expectations and offer opportunities to purchase lottery tickets for both draw-based and instant games. As a result, ticket sales for Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 increased.

The regular draw has changed the lives of many lottery enthusiasts over the past few months, but the unprecedented situation has called for stricter measures when it comes to prize money payments. In mid-March, the Ontario Lottery and gaming company decided to close its prize center on Toronto’s Young and Dundas Street. Such measures were needed to ensure protection for both athletes and staff in the future.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company, Windfall To Casino Host Community
The move made it impossible for the Crown Company to claim prize money if its players exceeded C$50,000. The bigger the prize, the more safety measures follow, and the Ontario Lottery and Game Company wanted to ensure that direct interviews with the winners came with all the larger prize checks. Several changes have been introduced because lottery leaders aim to remain flexible.

Ontario Lottery Mania Prepares 15,752,666.40 Canadian Dollars Lotto 6/49 Jackpot
In cooperation with the Alcohol and Game Commission, the limit on prize money that can be sent by mail has been raised to C$49,999.90. Lottery lovers who can receive cash payments below this amount can claim prize money, certify tickets, and receive dividends in a safe manner without going to Toronto.

Some changes
Until now, the limit for claiming prize money in the mail has been set at C$9,999.90, and only players who qualify for less than or equal to the prize money have the right to receive it in the mail. Times have changed and social distancing is a practice that should always be respected, including lottery winnings claims. This improved practice encourages more people to participate in various lottery games available to them.

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OLG spokesman Dita Couti recently pointed out that when it comes to prizes under $999.90 Canadian dollars, players have the opportunity to pack prizes at one of the lottery retailers distributed across the state. They should consider that the retailer in question may not have cash availability at the moment and this process may take time. 온라인카지노

OLG Fueled Sault St. Marie City Vault With Casino Cash
Another measure aimed at protecting all winners and giving them equal opportunities to win prizes is related to the deadline for billing. The Ontario Lottery and Game Company announced that there will be a six-month extension to winnings claims for tickets expiring between March 17, 2020 and September 17, 2020.

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