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One of the acknowledged doubles or ground home runs, why did Pohang Stadium’s rare VR misjudgment come out again?

A 115m home run after hitting the fence? One of the acknowledged doubles or ground home runs, why did Pohang Stadium’s rare VR misjudgment come out again?

The ground home run turned into an official home run. The eighth game of the season between Samsung and KIA was held at Pohang Baseball Stadium on the 1st.

Samsung’s 3-0 lead in the bottom of the third inning. Samsung widened the gap to 4-0 with Kang Min-ho and Kang Han-ul’s doubles. Two outs and a runner on second base.

No. 7 Ryu Ji-hyuk pulled KIA starter Mario Sanchez’s 122km curve. Right fielder Na Sung-bum stood there. I thought it was a position to catch an ordinary fly ball.

However, the ball actually headed toward the fence far behind Na Sung-bum. Missed the ball between the dusky sky and low illumination of the light.

The ball, which extended unexpectedly far, hit the top of the fence under the barbed wire at the top of the right-center fence. The ball hit by an elastic safety fence bounced wide. A fan who was watching on the outfield grass ran forward and put on a glove. However, the ball hit the glove and bounced into the ground.

Late, right fielder Na Sung-beom and center fielder Socrates ran. Although he broadcasted, not only second baseman Kang Han-ul but also batter Ryu Ji-hyuk stepped home. The moment it becomes a ground home run.

However, the official record was a 115-meter two-run home run over the right-center fence. Ryu Ji-hyuk’s first home run of the season.

A video review was made at KIA’s request for a home run, but the home run decision was not reversed.

KIA manager Kim Jong-kook appealed to the referee based on Socrates’ testimony that clearly witnessed the scene, saying, “Didn’t he miss the part that hit the fence cushion?” but it was impossible to reverse further by the referee’s agreement because the video reading was made. Commentator Park Yong-taek, who was broadcasting, also said, “This is something that needs to be corrected.” If not, it is a clear misjudgment.”

Apparently a ball that went over the fence. Why was this misjudgment made.

The reason was the characteristics of Pohang Baseball Stadium, the second stadium.

Pohang Baseball Stadium has narrower lighting than other stadiums. That’s how low the illumination is.

At sunset, Pohang Stadium was dark and difficult to distinguish between the sky and the color of the ball. Even the relay camera missed the ball. It reflected right fielder Na Sung-bum. However, the ball fell on the top of the fence behind Na Sung-bum. As a result, the screen on which video reading is based was limited. 먹튀검증

But the misjudgment was clear.

Whether the ball hit by the crowd was a ball that would go over the fence or not could determine whether it was an acknowledged double or a ground home run. However, even if it was recognized as a home run, it should at least have been recognized as a ground home run.

Even considering the limitations of the second pitch and the lack of broadcasting screens, it was possible to distinguish the scene that was hit by the fence first if you look closely. It was a disappointing misjudgment.

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