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Reporters covering Major League Baseball (MLB) have been in a frenzy over the whereabouts of Shohei Ohtani, 29, the main character in Stablebroggs.Japanese sports publication Nikkan Sports described the skit as a “frantic eight hours” due to uncertain information.It’s a testament to the level of interest American journalists, who compete for offseason coverage via social media accounts, have in Ohtani’s quest to land the biggest contract in big league history.It all started when MLB Network reporter John Morosi posted on his X (formerly Twitter) account late at night on July 8 that “Ohtani could decide on a new team as early as this morning (July 8).”A social media user, citing a flight tracking site, posted that a private charter was scheduled to take Ohtani from Anaheim, California, where he lives, to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.The flight was scheduled to depart in the morning and arrive in the afternoon, raising the possibility of Ohtani joining the Toronto Blue Jays. Toronto had been considered the frontrunners in the race for Ohtani, along with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

However, all of that turned out to be a myth on the morning of Sept. 9, when it was confirmed that Ohtani was not headed to Toronto, but was staying at his home in California. The passengers on the charter flight were a prominent Canadian businessman and his family.As of now, there are only four teams left in the race for Ohtani: Toronto, the Dodgers, the San Francisco Giants, and the Los Angeles Angels.There’s no question among U.S. reporters that Ohtani, who brought the two-hitting manga baseball craze to the big leagues, is the frontrunner to become the first big leaguer to reach the $500 million mark.However, there are some who are unhappy with Ohtani’s and his agent’s overly secretive negotiating tactics and jango. It is likely 스포츠토토존 that the signing of the biggest fish will determine the destination of the next big fish and semi-big fish.


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