Monday, 24th June 2024

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“Non-death by force” while stealing in a critical situation, one point behind in the ninth inning, and the team lost

“Bae Ji-hwan is the fastest player in Pittsburgh and one of the fastest players in the entire league,” MLB.COM said last year. “Bae Ji-hwan’s time at first base at home was 4.05 seconds, the best record in MLB in the 2023 season, and his sprint speed was tied for 16th with 29.7 feet per second (about 9 meters),” it said, citing speed as his strength.

However, Bae Ji-hwan failed to make the most of the speed.

Bae stole 24 bases last season. However, he also failed in as many as nine. In response, Pittsburgh media pointed out that Bae lacked the ability to steal bases given his speed. Then, after the game on June 17 (Korea Standard Time), he stole bases only four times.

That habit is coming out again this year. Bae, who gained momentum by stealing as soon as he was called up, died on Monday (Korea time) after trying to steal a base in a critical situation.

Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco Giants at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the bottom of the ninth inning.

In a 6-7 deficit, Bae Ji-hwan came out as the leadoff hitter and reached base due to a shortstop error. Andrew McCutchen was then caught on a foul fly to the first baseman.

When the next batter, Brian Reynolds, Bae Ji-hwan, tried to steal second base. However, he was tagged out. Reynolds had a hit to left. If the steal was successful, it could have been tied and become a hero. However, his failure left much to be desired. It is a result theory.

The question is whether Bae Ji-hwan needed to steal bases too much when he was one point behind in the bottom of the ninth inning.먹튀검증

Pittsburgh ended up losing by one point. It was an all-out defeat following the previous day.

Pittsburgh led 6-2 through the seventh inning thanks to stellar pitching by “Monster Rookie” Paul Skins, but allowed the team to upset to 6-7 by allowing five runs due to arson by its bullpen session in the top of the eighth inning. Pittsburgh led 5-0 on the previous day and lost 5-9 in overtime.