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Mr. Burns played an important role in the development of the Canadian gaming society

He has also contributed to the creation of many industry-wide research and programs, including research on the economic impact of Canadian gambling, as well as the development of the Canadian Games Summit.

The chairman and CEO of the Korea International Trade Association, who played a big role in creating Ontario’s iGaming market and decriminalizing single event betting, said he was surprised by his induction. He shared that working with everyone in the field is a tremendous experience, and that he feels blessed and privileged to be part of the industry.

But his efforts to develop the sports betting sector do not end here. He shared that he will now focus on improving the country’s land-based sector. Despite starting online sports betting in Ontario, he pointed out that Ontario still has not opened sports books across its territory and this will be one of its main goals in the future.

Mr Burns predicts that one of the biggest obstacles to the domestic gaming industry is keeping pace with the rapid technological development of the gambling industry. He said Canada has a great ecosystem for innovation and there are constantly new products and predictive tools for fan engagement. But industry leaders must ensure that evolution continues.

Recently joined
Ontario’s mobile sports betting and gambling market opened on April 4, 2022. Most recently, the Ontario Alcohol and Game Commission, a regulator, announced that Bally Bet has launched its product in the marketplace. As of last Thursday morning, there are a total of 19 operators operating more than 30 gambling sites and apps in the province. There’s a lot more to come.

When the province officially launched its iGaming model, the Canadian Game Association issued a statement to congratulate the local government. In it, the association said the new system allows the province to reset its priorities for the game industry while also enabling competition in the market and providing much-needed revenue for the province.



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