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“Minor Sexual Exploitation,” said, “Under the stress of parenting…”

Seo Joon-won, a former Lotte pitcher in “Minor Sexual Exploitation,” said, “Under the stress of parenting…”

Prosecutors sentenced to six years in prison for “serious crimes of social repercussions.”
Seo Junwon “Relieve stress in a crooked way”

Prosecutors have demanded a six-year prison term for former professional baseball Lotte Giants pitcher Seo Joon-won, who is accused of producing sexual exploitation of minors.

According to the legal community on the 23rd, the prosecution demanded a six-year prison term in a final trial on charges such as Seo’s violation of the Child and Youth Sexual Protection Act (Production and Distribution of Sexual Exploitation) held at the Busan District Court’s 5th Criminal Division (Chief Judge Jang Ki-seok).

The prosecution said, “We have produced sexual exploitation products against victims who are first-time offenders or minors,” adding, “We have committed serious crimes with great social repercussions even though we have to set an example for society as a public figure.”

“It seems that the investigative agency does not sincerely reflect on the crime, claiming that it was not aware that it was a minor despite the clear conversation with the victim,” he said. “We took into account the agreement with the victim.”

In response, Seo’s lawyer argued, “The crime in this case was only once, and the defendant did not proceed to additional crimes, such as distributing the video of the actual victim, and agreed with the victim.”

In addition, he appealed for leniency, saying, “I have been expelled from the Professional Baseball Association, released by the Lotte club, and divorced my wife,” adding, “I am doing my best to find a new job, and I am trying to raise my two-year-old young children.”

Seo Joon-won said in his final statement, “I am ashamed and regretful of myself for trying to relieve the stress accumulated by strict life control and childcare in the club in a twisted way,” adding, “I am really sorry for the victim and will try hard to live a proper life for my parents, wife, and son.”

Earlier, Seo Jun-won was handed over to trial on charges such as asking the victim to send photos of his body exposure by deceiving him as if he would give pocket money in a KakaoTalk open chat room opened by a minor victim last year.

Even though he knew the victim was a minor, he reportedly sent sexual messages 60 times, had the victim take physical pictures seven times, and then sent them to produce sexual exploitation.


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