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Mbappe signs five-year deal with Real Madrid…“Five chances to win the UCL!”

Kylian Mbappe, the ace of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), is heading to Real Madrid in Spain.

Mbappe announced on social media that he’s leaving PSG at the end of the season, but Real Madrid hasn’t made it official yet. However, everyone knows that Mbappe is going to Real Madrid. 

According to local media, Real Madrid will announce the signing of Mbappe after the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final of the 2023-24 season. Until then, all focus will be on the UCL and the current Real Madrid players. When Mbappe’s official arrives, it’s bound to be a distraction. 

In this situation, there is a person who has made it “de facto official”. It“s not a journalist, it”s not an entourage. He“s not a Real Madrid official, but he”s someone who has a lot of influence in the perception of Mbappe”s transfer. Javier Tebas is the president of the Spanish Primera Liga (La Liga). 

The transfer of Mbappe has a huge impact not only on Real Madrid, but also on La Liga. It could have an absolute impact on the development and success of the league. That”s why the president of La Liga has his eyes and ears on the Mbappe transfer. La Liga is a league that has lost strength without Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The club is eager to add a new superstar. 

Tebas has been making Mbappe “de facto official” on a regular basis lately. In March, Tebas said, “I am convinced that Real Madrid will sign Mbappe at the end of this season. Mbappe will leave PSG and Real Madrid is the only club that can afford him. Only Real Madrid can sign Mbappe from Spain. I am sure of this. I can say it with certainty. There 먹튀검증 is a 99% chance that Mbappe will play for Real Madrid next season,” he said.

And in April, he raised the odds of Mbappe joining Real Madrid from 99% to 99.99%. “I give Mbappe a 99.99% chance of playing for Real Madrid next season,” Tebas emphasized. 

Another month passed, and in May. Tebas made another “de facto official” announcement. This time, he claimed it was a ‘confirmation’ rather than a possibility. 

“Mbappe has signed a new five-year contract with Real Madrid,” Tebas told Argentina’s ‘Ole’ on May 13 local time. Mbappe will be at Real Madrid until 2029. Mbappe will be at Real Madrid next season and will have five chances to win the UEFA Champions League (UCL),” he said. 

“Mbappe is one of the best players in the world. Real Madrid also have Vinicius and Jude Bellingham. With Mbappe, Real Madrid will have the best squad in the world.” 

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