Thursday, 22nd February 2024

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Mandovi River in the Indian state of Goa recently approached the river so close to a sandbar that the casino cruise ship ran aground

MV Lucky 7 casino ship had to be towed from the port of Mormugao to a specially designated river anchor location, but on its way there a huge vessel was trapped in a sandbar close to Miramar Beach. The incident comes shortly after the shipowner, Golden Globe Hotel Pvt Ltd., received permission to leave the port. The company received approval from the Bombay High Court last week. MV Lucky 7 launched last weekend and was ready to go into business when an unfortunate accident occurred.

According to reports of hiccups, the Coast Guard has been summoned to take care of four of the 19 crew members of the ship and bring them to the coast. The people were extremely sick in the sea and one of them was injured, so they needed medical help. According to the plan, the ship was to pick up passengers after arriving at a scheduled mooring site. The casino ship’s accident only highlights the ongoing discussion and potential problems for the casino operator.

The controversy with MV Lucky 7 is that the company has been advised to postpone the launch of a new water casino. Behind this is the arrival of the monsoon season in India and the accompanying problematic weather conditions. After the ship ran aground, it became clear that the ship’s crew had gone too close to the Aguada sandbar area without thinking. This part is routinely closed for navigation during the ongoing monsoon season and events were very likely to occur.

A humanitarian in the community told reporters that sailors took a high risk when choosing a sailing route due to miscalculation of the route, which could have been easily avoided. When asked to comment on the event, the leader of the opposition AAP Orphan Party said the ship was stranded because the government decided not to consider the port captain’s advice regarding weather conditions.

In the event of environmental damage caused by a casino ship’s stranding, the government must take responsibility and come up with a solution, which currently contains about 12,000 liters of diesel fuel, automatically becoming a biologically dangerous time bomb.

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