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Manchester United recruited Kim Min-jae?


There are growing calls for Manchester United to recruit Kim Min-jae.

Kim Min-jae is a defender who progressively achieved step-up. In the summer of 2021, he moved to Fenerbahce, Turkiye, and made his first European appearance, and in just one season, he settled down to Napoli in Serie A. He surprised the world. Kim Min-jae has established himself as a strong starting defender for Napoli in just one season.

His presence was huge. Napoli was able to focus more on offense as Kim Min-jae was firmly in the back, and Victor Osimhen and Hvicha Kvaratshelia flew well last season, lifting their team’s scudetto (winning Italian Serie A) for the first time in 33 years.

Last summer, 토토사이트 big clubs drooled over these performances. In particular, they were strongly connected to Manchester United. At that time, Manchester United sought to recruit a new center back due to Harry Maguire’s sluggishness and intermittent injuries to Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez. As a result, he was strongly connected to Kim Min-jae.

As much as Manchester United, Munich is actively recruiting players. Eventually, Kim immediately conducted a medical test for Munich after completing basic military training and ended up at the Allianz Arena. Kim couldn’t rest early in the season as De Licht and Dayo Upamecano were injured alternately.

A variable arises.

It seemed to establish itself as a solid starting player, but variables arose. During the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup, Eric Dier transferred on loan, increasing the number of competitors. The competition for the starting player has also turned on a red light. Kim Min-jae played in six of the eight matches that Munich has played since the Asian Cup. Among them, there were two substitute appearances, and two of the eight matches failed to play while just sitting on the bench. It was none other than Dyer who replaced Kim Min-jae and had a chance to start.

An unfamiliar situation unfolded for Kim. Starting with a UEFA Champions League (UCL) match against Lazio on Wednesday, Kim started three consecutive matches against Mainz and Darmstadt. Only one of them was played as a substitute for a while.

It’s my first time sitting on a bench often.

In a recent interview, Kim said, “I’ve never sat on a bench so often. But I have something to learn. I don’t think I’ll be shunned just because I don’t run. When I play in a 안전놀이터, I always have confidence in my capabilities. Of course, I have a lot of thoughts at the moment. Still, I have played in Munich a lot until now, but there are so many good players there. I think that I may not be able to play.”

He is now connected to Manchester United in this situation. “Kim Min-jae is not satisfied with his role in Munich,” the U.K.’s “Football Transfers” said on Wednesday. “He has never experienced the best soccer under Thomas Tuchel. Rather, Tuchel’s style worsened Kim Min-jae even more.”

“Kim Min-jae will want to play regularly, which is why he can leave Munich this coming summer. Manchester United tried to recruit Kim Min-jae last summer, but they were unable to recruit Kim Min-jae due to the aftermath of financial fair play rules and lack of funds,” he added.

The media continued, “Manchester United should recruit defense, and recruiting Kim Min-jae would be the best option.”

be considering one’s situation

“Munich defender Kim Min-jae is considering his situation after staying on the bench in recent weeks,” Britain’s Street News said on Wednesday. “Munich was successful in persuading Kim Min-jae, who has been linked to all big clubs including Manchester United last summer. However, the team has recently lost ground to Tottenham Hotspur’s loanee Eric Dier. Manchester United should contact Kim Min-jae and try to take advantage of the current situation.”

This is not the only case. “Manchester United, which is preparing for its first summer under Inos, are likely to focus on their potential rather than their celebrity or reputation,” explained United in Focus, which reported the news.

“How about Victor Osimhen? Just like the Nigerian player, Kim Min-jae was strongly linked to Manchester United’s transfer last summer. The British Guardian even reported that Kim Min-jae is Manchester United’s No. 1 defensive target. However, Manchester United had no transfer target at all. Harry Maguire refused to transfer to West Ham United, and Victor Lindelof did not transfer either.”

“But now, nine months later, I wonder if there will be one more page in the story that seemed to come to a conclusion in 2023. Coach Tuchel raised the possibility of a transfer, saying, “There is little reason to change it at the moment,” regarding the decision of De Licht and Dyer.

Meanwhile, Kim arrived in Korea via Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the 18th. Kim plans to prepare for the showdown with Thailand in the third Asian qualifying match for the 2026 FIFA North Korea-China World Cup to be held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 21st.

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