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LG Twins captain Oh Ji-hwan is confident that he will confirm his victory in Game 5 of the Korean Series.

The LG Twins defeated the KT Wiz 15-4 in Game 4 of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO postseason KS (best-of-seven series) at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 11th. With the victory, LG made the series record three wins and one loss, leaving only one win to win.

LG, which suffered a blow in the first game, reversed the mood by winning three consecutive games down in the second and fourth games. There have been as many as 16 out of 17 cases in which they won the Korean Series after 3 wins and 1 loss. There is a 94.1% chance of winning. LG has gained an advantage.

LG’s rise cannot be explained except for Oh Ji-hwan’s performance. Oh Ji-hwan led the team’s reversal drama by shooting a two-out, three-point reversal in the bottom of the ninth inning following a solo shot in the second game. Oh Ji-hwan also drove his team’s victory with a wedge three-run home run in Game 4.

KS three consecutive home runs. Oh Ji-hwan recorded the KS’s most consecutive home run tie held by Kim Jae-hyun (former SK Wyverns). However, Kim’s records are past the years of 2007 and 2008. Oh Ji-hwan is the first to have a home run in three consecutive games in a single season. He became the star of the milestone.

Oh Ji-hwan, who met after the game, said, “It’s the most consecutive home runs in a single season, and it doesn’t mean much to me. It is more meaningful that he won by taking advantage of the chance. I don’t go to bat for a home run,” he said.

Oh Ji-hwan’s eyes are solely on the team’s “winning.” LG’s championship clock has stopped since 1994. With one more win now, LG can lift the trophy for the first time in 29 years. Oh Ji-hwan, who debuted in 2009, is also celebrating his first championship in 15 years.

Captain is full of confidence. Oh Ji-hwan was confident, saying, “I will finish in the 5th game unconditionally.” He said, “We are ahead of KT in everything, including momentum, hitting, and atmosphere right now. “I don’t think about it after Game 5, and I’ll finish it in the next game unconditionally,” he said.

The team atmosphere drives the captain’s confidence. Oh Ji-hwan said, “There are many seniors in the team who have won the league, such as Kim Jin-sung, Park Hae-min, Kim Hyun-soo, and Heo Do-hwan. The atmosphere of the team is good, too. “I will come back to my mind and enjoy Game 5 and win.”

Meanwhile, Oh Ji-hwan is one step closer to his dream KS Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Rolex watch with three consecutive KS home runs. The Rolex watch is an item that symbolizes LG’s “unrelated resentment,” and it was purchased by former LG Group Chairman Koo Bon-moo in 1998 by saying, “If you win, give it to the MVP of the Korean Series.” The owner has yet to be decided because there has been no championship since 1994. If LG wins the KS this year, the watch will be given to MVP. Oh Ji-hwan is the leading candidate.

“It’s a victory that I’ve been waiting for for 15 years (joined in 2009) and 29 years for fans,” he said after being named the daily MVP in Game 3. “My biggest goal is to win, and I don’t put any meaning on Rolex,” he said. However, both winning and Rolex are coming true for him. On Monday, the 13th, when the fifth game will be held, he is determined to confirm the championship in front of home fans.


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