Monday, 22nd April 2024

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LG has achieved seven consecutive wins.

This is equivalent to tying for sixth with the most consecutive wins of any team. The previous record of most consecutive wins since Cho Sang-hyun was appointed was six consecutive wins. The team aims at an eight-game winning streak, which it has only had five times since the foundation of the team.

What was most impressive was the performance that LG showcased during the winning streak. During its seven consecutive wins, the team averaged 86.3 points and 68.3 points. The team garnered +18 points in total. It won all five games by more than 10 points in five games, and 23 points in three of them. The team tied its opponents to less than 70 points in total.

There were many complete wins against Chung. Up until the fifth round, they had three wins and two losses. They lost 71-85 in their first showdown of the season, but in all three games they won, they all won by a margin of 19 points or more. The 33-point victory (97-64) they secured on Sunday was also the biggest win since Cho Sang-hyun took the helm.

The content of the latest games was not bad either. Although the injury on Jamil Wilson’s finger put a lot of pressure on Robert Carter, the team beat the Seoul SK Wyverns 84-78 on Wednesday, to overcome the two-game losing streak. His defense seemed more orderly than before the EASL Final Four, as he had lost around 70 points in two consecutive games. In the three games before the Final Four, he committed an average of 94 runs.

Chung can expect two consecutive wins if he adds the same offense as he did in the game against SK. In both games where Chung beat LG, he scored more than 80 points in common. When LG allowed 80-89 runs, the winning percentage was .500 (7 wins and 7 losses), far below the winning percentage (.653) of this season. When the score was 79 runs or less, the winning percentage reached a whopping .857 (24 wins and 4 losses).

LG’s seven-game winning rate of more than 90 runs was only .143 (1 win and 6 losses), but only six games were played this season when the head of the articles of association scored more than 90 points. As the average score of 80.4 points shows, it will be the realistic expectation of the head of the articles of association to win the game with a score in the 80s.

During LG’s seven consecutive wins, the only team that allowed more than 80 goals was the Wonju DB that confirmed its regular league title. In this game, LG is expected to dominate the game in terms of objective performance and trend. Will Chung Kwan-jang be able to overcome LG’s barrier by ranking first in the number of goals lost (76.7 goals lost) at least.

Meanwhile, Seoul SK will play its home game against Goyang Sono. SK, which has been holding a faint hope for ranking second in the regular season league, should first beat Suwon KT, which ranks third, by one game. Although it has an advantage of four wins and one loss in the match against Sono, Jeon Seong-hyeon, who is suffering from back pain, can play at home games and away games in the Seoul metropolitan area, so be wary of his guard.

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