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After meeting 13-year-old Shigeyuki Nakarai (alias Shigekix-Japan) in the Round of 16 at the 2015 Breaking Silverback Open, Kim Hong-yeol (alias Hong10) watched his 17-year-old opponent’s performance with affection. He even playfully teased Nakarai for utilizing Hong Ten’s unique freeze in the round of 32.Nakarai, who was a “rising star” at the time, also expressed his admiration for Kim, who was already on his way to becoming a “legend. Kim Hong-yeol and Nakarai were the first b-boys to reach the final at the Asian Games since breaking entered the realm of sports, and it was a nostalgic matchup for breaking fans who remember their first encounter eight years ago.

Kim Hong-yeol lost to Nakarai by a round-robin score of 1-2 (4-5 3-6 6-3) in the men’s breaking final at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Sunday afternoon at the Archer Canal Sports Park Gymnasium in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. However, no breaking fan would call Kim a loser. They appreciate his performance more for his “harmony with the music” and creativity than for his power moves. In fact, it is surprising that a 1984-born b-boy, who is already a major competition judge, is facing a 21-year-old top dancer in his prime in the final.

Kim Hong-yeol, who was deeply touched by his fans, told Yonhap News Agency at Xiaoshan International Airport in Hangzhou, China, before returning to Korea on Monday, “Shigekix (Nakarai) is a very hardworking b-boy. After the final yesterday, he said, ‘You deserve it. I greeted him and said, ‘Congratulations, you deserve it,'” he said, adding, “I’ve played for Korea before, but it was a new and exciting experience for me to compete as a member of the Korean national team in such a comprehensive sporting event. I’m grateful to many people.” He reflected on his first competition as a member of the national team.

“I’m also very grateful to my Flow Excel crew, who play together on the Dobong-gu Office team. Rookie (Shin Kwang-hyun) came to Hangzhou with me and helped me train,” he said, not forgetting to thank his teammates. “Kim Hong-yeol has enjoyed a very long career .Competing internationally since 2001 and dominating the world stage since 2006, Kim is still at the top of his game, even as he faces adversity. His “belief” that “no matter how difficult a skill is to learn, if you can’t reinvent it as your own, it’s not worth it” has become a motto for many young b-boys and b-girls.

Although he has shown off his top-notch skills with a silver medal at the Asian Games, Kim says, “When I was just making my debut, I battled seniors, and as time went on, I competed against people my age or younger. “It’s fun to compete with other generations and get inspired,” he said, “but when I see younger athletes ‘flying’ and succeeding in moves that I struggle with, I’m jealous, and I think, ‘Maybe I should back off .Despite his constant lowering of himself, Kim Hong-yeol is no slouch in terms of physical ability, and he continues to surprise his competitors with his creative performances.

Kim has also overcome “injury bad luck. Two weeks ago, he tore the skin on his knee and had it stitched up in a hurry. “When I first got injured, it was hard to walk. “I still feel pain when my knee touches the ground,” he said. “I had all kinds of bad luck besides my knee injury, but I persevered by shouting, ‘Let’s do what we can, it’s not over until it’s over,'” he laughed, “and because I persevered, I won such a valuable medal. In fact, Kim overcame a short-term setback with a long-term effort.

He was injured just before the competition and struggled to train, but his body remembered his long-prepared performance .The Hangzhou Asian Games gold medalist Nakarai will head straight to Paris 2024.Kim Hong-yeol, who finished with a silver 스포츠토토 medal, will compete in the Olympic qualifiers. “There are a lot of strong athletes, so I don’t know if I can be in the top 10 (to qualify) in the Paris Olympic qualifiers. Honestly, I’m nervous,” he said, adding, “I’m not a very confident person.” Kim overcame this anxiety with training and gave his best performance on stage.

“I will prepare hard and challenge myself,” he said. It would be meaningful to be the oldest competitor to break at the Paris Olympics,” he laughed .Korean b-boy fans lament that breaking wasn’t incorporated into the sport when Kim Hong-yeol and his friend Kim Hyo-geun (alias physicx) were taking the world by storm.” There were good dancers 10 years ago, and even if it had been an Olympic or Asian Games event back then, we wouldn’t have been able to win,” says Kim humbly, adding, “It’s only recently that b-boy has been recognized as a ‘professional’. It’s a great honor to be able to say I’m from the national team. “At the closing ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games on Aug. 8, the South Korean team carried the flag. “It was a great honor,” Kim said. For breaking fans, the sight of the “legendary b-boy” walking in front of the Korean flag was unforgettable.

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