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KLPGA disciplinary action reduced by Yoon Ea, “I will continue to serve and self-reflect.”

Yoon Ina, who has been able to participate in Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour competitions since April of this year, expressed her thoughts, saying, “I will continue to spend time for service and self-reflection.”On the 8th, Yoon Ina said through her management company Crowning, “I am grateful to the KLPGA and the Korea Golf Association for giving me the opportunity to compete again as a player.” She added, “I will continue to take time for service and self-reflection, and I will continue to teach my senior and junior fellow players. “I sincerely ask for your understanding,” he said.

During the Korea Women’s Open match in June 2022, Yoon Ina, who continued to play despite knowing that it was not her ball, voluntarily reported this fact to the Korea Golf Association in July of the same year, about a month after the end of the tournament. As a result, he received a three-year suspension from competition from the Korea Golf Association in August 2022, and the same punishment from the KLPGA in September. However, following the Korea Golf Association reducing the disciplinary period to 1 year and 6 months in September of last year, the KLPGA also reduced the disciplinary period to 1 year and 6 months on the 8th, making it possible for Yoon Na to return to the field this year.The Korea Golf Association’s disciplinary action ends in February this year, and the KLPGA Tour’s disciplinary action expires in March.

The 2024 season of the KLPGA Tour begins with two foreign competitions in March, but Yoon Eana cannot participate in these foreign competitions, and can only participate from the domestic opening match scheduled for April.Yoon Ina pledged, “I will never repeat the same mistake again, and will play honestly and sincerely according to the spirit and rules of golf,” and “I will do my best to open the hearts of my fellow players.”He also bowed his head, saying, “For the sake of the fans who hope for his return and support him, I will devote myself to training until I can stand on the field again. I once again apologize to everyone who has caused concern through my wrong actions.”Regarding the timing of Yoon Ea’s first competition, Crowning said, “We will not specify 카지노사이트킹 the timing of her return, but will focus on training until her performance returns to a certain level.”

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