Wednesday, 24th April 2024

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KB’s outer empty ball, which was tough amid the upset loss

KB gave up Game 3 in the midst of a sudden outside struggle in the second half.

Cheongju KB Stars lost 57-62 against Woori Bank Woori WON in the regular women’s professional basketball league in Asan Woori WON 2023-2024 at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 28th.

As for KB, it was a loss through a narrow margin. Everybody knows that if the team secures the third game at the origin of the series, it can gain an advantage. After staging a fierce offensive from the beginning, the team ran to a gap of 16 points, but lacked hindsight.

KB only had a three-point success rate in the early-mid 20 percent range in both the first and second games. It started off differently on the day. Heo Ye-eun scored two outside shots, and Kim Min-jeong and Yeom Yoon-ah also scored three-point shots to push Woori. The three-point success rate in the first half reached 50.0 percent.

On the other hand, Woori was dragged out as its outfield attack using its long-term spacing did not go well. It only scored two points for more than seven minutes in the second quarter. Woori chased after Woori at the end of the first half, but KB, which organized its lineup after the start of the third quarter, ran away.

Since then, however, KB’s pace has deteriorated like a lie. While Woori was on fire, the team experienced a run-scoring drought, and the game changed. Even U-fouls were included, which completely reversed the tide.

To make matters worse, KB, who was chased, did not listen to the outside shot. The three-point shot, which was half of the first half, attempted 12 in the second half, and none of it went in.

This was fatal. Park Ji-soo struggled inside amid a hard call, but she had no choice but to be isolated as the outside did not explode.

Woori Bank did not miss the opportunity and followed Park Hye-jin and Kim Dan-bi with the lead. Woori Bank, which lacked outside support in the first half, but contrary to KB, a three-point shot broke out in the second half. In the end, a three-point shot was an important point of the game.

Kim Wan-soo did not blame the players when asked about the poor performance of the three-point shot after the game. “I don’t think there was any psychological factor. I asked them to be more confident, but there are some regrets, but I think the players had no problem in losing the game and did not do anything wrong,” Kim encouraged.

KB, which gave up the lead in the series, has become more desperate for outside support from the brink of collapse. Will KB’s three-point shot be able to respond to the fourth game on the 30th at the same place?


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