Saturday, 18th May 2024

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The KB Go League, Korea’s largest go tournament, will begin its new season with a significantly reduced number of teams. The 2023-2024 KB Go League will hold its first player selection ceremony on Oct. 10, KOGI announced today. Last season, the KB Go League featured 12 teams, including Japanese and Taiwanese selections, but this year only eight domestic teams will participate .In addition to defending champion Kixx (head coach Kim Young-hwan), Yeongamgun (head coach Han Han-won) joins the existing seven teams – Jeonggwan Jangcheonok (head coach Choi Myung-hoon), Korea Mulga Information (head coach Park Jung-sang), Suiryeohan Hapcheon (head coach Ko Geun-tae), Baduk Mecca Government (head coach Kim Young-sam), Ulsan Goryeo Aeon (head coach Park Seung-hwa), and Wonik (head coach Lee Hee-sung).

The eight teams participating in this season will have eight days to decide on their protected players before selecting their first through third picks on Tuesday. Players who are excluded from the first selection will compete in the second selection ceremony for four to five players on the 30th.This season, the KB Go League will not include Japanese and Taiwanese players, but each team will have the option of selecting one foreign player. Once the selection is complete, the 2023-2024 KB Go League will begin its five-month campaign on December 28 with the opening game. This season will be a single-elimination league, abolishing the two leagues that operated last season. The top four teams in the regular season will advance to the postseason, which will consist of a semi-playoff (up to two games), playoff (up to three games), and championship (up to three games).

If a match is tied 2-2, an ace decider featuring each team’s ace will decide the winner. The tournament will be played using the Fisher method, rather than second reading, and will be divided into 1 game of Django (40 minutes plus 20 seconds), 3 games of shorthand (10 minutes plus 20 seconds), and 1 game of super speed (1 minute plus 20 seconds) .The winning team will receive 250 million won, the runner-up 100 million won, the third place 60 million won, and the fourth place 30 million won. In addition to the final prize money, the winning team will receive 14 million won and the losing team will receive 7 million won .The 2023-2024 Go League, sponsored by KB Bank, will be broadcast live every Thursday through Sunday at 7 p.m. on Go TV, Go TV’s 무료슬롯게임 YouTube channel, and Naver Sports.

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