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Kane’s addition to Munich has lost his Bundesliga competitiveness.

The media pointed out, “Kane’s addition to Munich has lost his Bundesliga competitiveness.”

Munich officially announced the recruitment of Kane on the 12th. The contract period is until June 2027. Kane’s transfer fee is known to be 120 million euros (175 billion won), the largest ever for the Munich club, including options. Kane also receives 25 million euros (36.4 billion won) per year.

“I’m happy to be able to recruit Kane,” Munich President Herbert Heiner said. Kane will not only be Munich’s asset, he will also be the real asset of the Bundesliga. Kane was a dream player for us, and he is a world class central striker who fits perfectly into Munich. His success in Munich will continue,” he welcomed.

Kane said, “I’m very happy to be a member of Munich. Munich is one of the big clubs. “I want to prove myself by competing at the highest level,” he vowed. 토토

Kane played as a substitute with Kim Min-jae in the Super Cup on the 13th. However, the team was defeated 0-3. So Kane’s first challenge to win went up in smoke. It was a situation where the championship was just around the corner, but it was canceled. Munich’s six-time gold medal was canceled.

The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, predicted that Munich’s power has strengthened with Kane’s addition to Munich, but the overall competitiveness of the Bundesliga will decrease. Munich, which is trying to win 12 consecutive Bundesliga titles, is even aiming to win the Champions League. There is no team in the Bundesliga to check Munich’s power.

“The Guardian” said, “With Kane’s addition, the competitiveness of the entire Bundesliga will rather decrease. The power of Munich’s rival teams has fallen further. Signing Kane has strengthened Munich’s strength but weakened its potential rivals. Other Bundesliga clubs are practically hopeless in the Champions League, he pointed out.

Munich will play the opening game of the Bundesliga starting with the away match of Werder Bremen on the 19th. Attention is focusing on whether Kane and Kim Min-jae will start from the opening game and play a big role.

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