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Japan’s ‘Go Prodigy’ Sumire Nakamura Fails to Defend her Title

Japan’s ‘Go Prodigy’ Sumire Fails to Defend her Title… Korean Activities Starting in March

Yeo Ryu Ki-seong lost 1 win, 2 losses in the defense game… Participating in the Korea Challenge League next month

Japan’s ‘Go prodigy’ Sumire Nakamura (仲邑菫, 14) 3rd Dan unfortunately lost in the title defense match held ahead of his transfer to Korea.

Sumire lost to Risa Ueno (17), 2nd dan, by failure in 233 moves in the final 3rd stage of the 27th Women’s Ryugi Seonjeon Challenge held at Nippon Kiwon in Tokyo, Japan on the 5th.

Sumire won the first country, but failed to defend her title by losing the second and third countries. 카지노사이트탑

Although the title match is over, Sumire plans to play in preliminary matches for various competitions in Japan until the end of this month and then come to Korea.

Sumire, who first picked up Baduk Stone at the age of three under the influence of her father, Shinya Nakamura, 9th dan, a Japanese professional player, and her mother, a strong amateur Baduk player, came to Korea in 2017 and studied at ‘Han Jong-jin Baduk Dojang’ until 2019, where her skills improved greatly.

As Sumire stood out early, Nippon Kiwon enrolled him in a special selection for gifted students in April 2019.

Sumire Nakamura, who joined the team at the age of 10 and set the record as the youngest professional player in Japanese Baduk history,

won the 26th YeoRyugi Seongjeon in February last year and also set the record for the youngest title.

Sumire, who was expected to be a gifted child who would lead the future of Japanese baduk,

attracted a lot of attention in both Korea and Japan by surprisingly submitting an application for a guest article to the Korean Baduk Association in August of last year.

Sumire, who received final approval from the Board of Directors of the Korea Professional Drivers’ Association and the Korean Association of Professional Engineers,

held a press conference in Japan in October last year and said,

“I decided to go to Korea because I want to become a stronger professional driver on a new stage.”

Even at his young age, Sumire left behind an outstanding record in Japan,

with a total of 161 wins and 88 losses (64.65% winning rate).

Sumire, who began his second Baduk career as a member of Korea Kiwon in March,

is expected to play his first game in the KB Kookmin Bank Challenge League.


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