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Its same Glossy Jumper as the Awkward Neighborhood Lady

It was a hot week. Something happened 29 years ago.

Why was I born in Seoul? “The wish of a fan who lamented, “was fulfilled. 

It was a short, dream-like time for them.

For me, it was as good as the 2002 World Cup.

I was so moved by it. 바카라사이트닷컴

November 2023. There are many things that happened because of the LG Twins. 

We have collected memorable stories from SNS and online communities.

a few days before the first match (7th). A ticket war broke out. Jamsil and Suwon stadiums were natural. 

Even tickets to theaters broadcasting baseball were sold out. 

It is normal for access sites to be 4 to 5 times the regular price. 

It was so extreme that it even sold on the black market at a much higher price than that.

Even begging(?) situations occur. 

Anxious thoughts such as “It’s difficult to access the (ticketing site)”, “Please transfer the money”, “Is there a cancellation ticket somewhere”, “I’ll wait in line” are overflowing. 

The waiting order sometimes exceeded 100,000. 

In the end, even BTS is summoned. 

I also got tickets to the BTS and Lim Young-woong concerts. A case of failure appeared, saying

It is really difficult to get tickets to this Korean series.

While some reactions to this say, “That’s too much,” some say, “No. 

Someone I know boasted about being bulletproof, but then he shook his head and said that LG was even tougher,” he said, pressing the like button.

as it became difficult to get tickets, more and more marginalized classes appeared. 

They are old fans who have been supporting them since MBC Blue Dragon.

I want to see my beloved team on site, but the barriers to entry are dizzying. 

This is because all procedures can only be done online. 

There is no way I am familiar with things like ticket reservation sites and QR codes.

Every time, I had to lend a helping hand to my son, daughter, and grandchildren to make it even at least possible.

This phenomenon also appeared on TV news. JTBC’s ‘Close Camera’ covered the topic ‘Scenes of Digital Alienation’. 

Because everything is sold 100% online, it doesn’t mean that people like me who are almost 70 can’t buy it. 

I’ve been a fan since MBC’s Blue Dragon, but I can’t get in. 

If they sell on-site, I want to buy it even if I have to wait in line early in the morning.

This heartbreaking interview was also delivered.

the enthusiasm of twin fans who jointly cheered for the Korean Series moved the theaters as well. 

CGV signed a contract with KBO and decided to broadcast all Korean Series games in select theaters. 

Tickets here were sold out early, and it was so successful that ticket scalpers were circulating.

As the response grew, it was urgently expanded from the originally planned 10 theaters to 16 theaters at 14 locations (as of the first round).

Attendees commented that the cheers of enthusiastic fans wearing glossy jumpers and holding cheering gear were as hot as Jamsil Stadium. 

This means that I was able to experience a unique pleasure in a warm and comfortable environment.

Congratulatory comment from the Line 9 driver

It was the day (8th) when LG won the second game thanks to Park Dong-won’s comeback two-run home run. 

A video posted late at night became a hot topic among fans. 

This was the engineer’s broadcast comment from a train on Subway Line 9.

“Today, I saw the news that LG achieved a comeback victory. 

Congratulations to all LG fans on their first win in the Korean Series, and I hope you are careful not to catch a cold as the weather has become significantly colder after the rain. 

Thank you all for your hard work today. “Goodbye to your destination.”

It’s like “This is Captain speaking…” on an airplane. “It’s a similar tone.

Fans were able to once again savor the emotion of victory thanks to the wonderful voice of the train driver. 

Reactions such as “It looks like the driver is an LG fan

I can only say this because it is a subway running in downtown Seoul,” and “Because Line 9 passes through Jamsil Sports Complex Station.

Some fans, filled with the excitement of winning, went to convenience stores early

in the morning to buy sports newspapers .

This is to purchase a newspaper that has just been distributed. 

They shared their joy by finding a sports newspaper with the news of LG’s victory on the front page and posting a certified photo.

While there are fans who are happy to buy 2 or 3 media newspapers, there are also many reviews saying

I stopped by 10 places and barely got one copy,” or “I looked around for 2 hours but failed.”

Even after the Twins’ win in the regular season, there was a frenzy in purchasing ‘Sports Seoul’, which reported this news on the front page.

Even if you meet a glossy jumper on the street, give it a high five.

LG said, “150% of the sales for the past year were sold through October.

 An additional quantity was produced in preparation for the Korean series, and this quantity is also selling like hot cakes. 

We are looking at a 300% increase in sales compared to the previous year,” he said.

There are a lot of opinions about this on social media and communities. 

This is information about purchasing, such as “Do you have any for winter?” “There aren’t many sizes left.

Wherever you go, they sell a lot.”

On the other hand, there are many interesting user reviews.

I high-five strangers when I run into them on the street,” “Some people are shouting out LG, fighting,” “I want to wear them for another week

but I’m not sure if it’ll be okay,” etc. We share warm feelings.

There are also episodes that make you laugh.

I ran into a woman in the same apartment building (in the same apartment building) in the elevator that I had never said hello to before. “We burst out laughing when we saw the same glossy jumper.”

What about going to work tomorrow?

It’s also difficult to get tickets for the ongoing ‘Humming Out’ series. But even if you save it, it’s a problem. 

I really want to go to every game, but how easy is that? I sigh as I worry about running the store, going to work, and going to school.

“I didn’t install a TV at all because I was worried that turning it on in the store would stop the circulation of customers.

I’m watching it on my phone every now and then, and it’s so tantalizing that it’s driving me crazy.

I can’t sleep until dawn because I keep watching the highlight videos. 

These are sad feelings such as “How will I go to work tomorrow?” He even said, “I’m going to Jamsil with 3 days left before the college entrance exam. 

Applause poured in for the test taker’s courage, saying, “Please support me.”

Meanwhile, there are several netizens confessing their vacation. 

I decided to pay half-term leave today and monthly leave tomorrow. 

I’m a little concerned, but there’s nothing I can do.

I have to finish today (Game 5). 

Stories like “I have an important work appointment tomorrow, so I really can’t do it.

 On the other hand, there are also reviews that are not laughable. 

A co-worker who took sick leave was caught on TV at the baseball stadium. Should I report this to the company?”

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