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Its Kwon Young-min to Veteran Middle Blocker Shin Young-seok

Director Kwon Young-min “Shin Young-seok, Power just by Being… Achieve 1,200 Blocks”

Veteran middle blocker Shin Young-seok (37-KEPCO) takes the court earlier than anyone else.

He can often be seen practicing his serve alone on the court before the game starts.

It was no different at Uijeongbu Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi-do, on the 18th against KB Insurance. 토토사이트

It was also the day Shin Young-seok was close to achieving personal records in serving and blocking.

Shin is the all-time leader in blocked shots and is just one away from reaching 1,200 in his career.

Second is retired Lee Sun-gyu (1,56) and third is Samsung Fire‘s Ha Hyun-yong (1,17).

He also needs just two more service points to become the sixth player in history to reach 300 service points.

“I hope both records will be set today,” Kwon Young-min, head coach of KEPCO, told reporters before the match.

Kwon praised Young-seok, saying, “He is not in his normal body with bad ankles and knees, but he continues to play well.”

“Just being on the court gives the team strength and intimidates opponents,” he added.

“She always studies a lot and leads the juniors well.

He has a strong desire to win and a sense of responsibility, so as a coach, it’s good to have a player like him,” he said.


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