Saturday, 2nd March 2024

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“It was distracting.”

Was Kane’s gap big…Tottenham manager Postecoglou said, “It was distracting.”

Tottenham tied Brentford 2-2 in the first round of the EPL in the 2023-2024 season at G-Tech Community Stadium in Brentford, England, on the 13th (Korea Standard Time).

As a result, two goals were scored, but defenders, not strikers, were responsible for scoring.

Hisharlisson lacked accuracy in shooting, and Son Heung-min was heavy. Dejan Kuluchepski was also less destructive.

Midfielder James Madison, a freshman, was involved in two goals, but his teamwork with the strikers was disappointing.

Local sources say Kane, who left for Bayern Munich (Germany) ahead of the opening game, had a large vacancy.

Coach Angie Postecoglou said after the game, “I was also distracted, and it was a game that everyone felt distracted.”

However, it was positive that they caught up with 2-2 after being reversed by 1-2. “After the reversal, our players showed their willingness to start the game again,” he said.

Tottenham was replaced 14 minutes into the first half after defender Christian Romero scored the first goal. 먹튀검증

Romero showed his willingness to push ahead with the game, but coach Postecoglou, concerned about head injuries, did not accept it.

He said: “I was convinced that I had to replace it for Romero said. “You have to be careful of head injuries,” he said.

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