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“I’m not feeling very well.”

Kiwoom’s “9 consecutive losses” Bad news, ace Ahn Woo-jin’s 1st division cancellation…To protect players, “I’m not feeling very well.”

Kiwoom manager Hong Won-ki mentioned Ahn Woo-jin, who took the mound the previous day before the match against Lotte at Gocheok Dome in Seoul on the 9th. Ahn Woo-jin recorded four hits, four walks, six strikeouts, and one run (non-autonomous) in 5⅔ innings against Lotte on the 8th.

Head coach Hong said, “I’m struggling and struggling on the mound alone, but I was also concerned that there were a lot of walks early yesterday and a lot of people seemed to be struggling exceptionally.” I tried to adjust the number to a certain extent considering Sunday’s appearance, but it didn’t seem to go as planned. “I think there is a series of difficult situations right now,” he said.

He then announced his plan to exclude him from the first-tier entry once and give him a break. Coach Hong said, “First of all, I’m thinking of letting him take a break for about a turn,” adding, “There is no big problem with his body. As the number of pitches increased early yesterday, I saw uncomfortable movements, and I felt something was wrong when I saw a ball flying away that I had never seen before. “I had a lot of thoughts about uploading it in the sixth episode yesterday,” he said.

After listening to the opinions of the training part and the coaching staff, we decided to exclude the first team entry. Head coach Hong said, “I made a difficult decision because I thought there would be a bigger problem if I dragged it for six more innings.” “I checked my physical condition today, and I decided that it would be better to let him rest in order to protect the player,” he explained.

Ahn Woo-jin has 7 wins, 7 losses and a 2.37 ERA in 21 games this season. He has the most innings in the league with 132.2 innings. He took a 10-day break in early June of the first half, and this is the second time excluding the entry. 스포츠토토

Kiwoom excluded Ahn Woo-jin and Park Chan-hyuk from the first division entry, and called up Lim Byung-wook to the first division. Ahn Woo-jin’s exclusion from the entry was decided late, so no additional call-up was decided.

Meanwhile, Kiwoom’s starting lineup will be Lee Yong-kyu (right fielder), Kim Hye-sung (designated hitter), Dawson (left fielder), Kim Hwi-jip (shortstop), Song Sung-moon (third baseman), Lee Ju-hyung (center fielder), Kim Tae-jin (second baseman), Kim Soo-hwan (first baseman), and Kim Dong-heon (catcher). Hurado is the starting pitcher.

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