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“I signed a five-year contract with Moani and will wear the back number 23

Muani left FC Nantes (France), who had been playing since youth, in March last year and joined Frankfurt. Muani, who signed a five-year contract until 2027, successfully settled on the German stage with 23 goals and 14 assists in 46 games last season. 토토사이트 추천

However, Manchester United (Manchester United), Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid coveted Muani, raising the possibility of a transfer. Then, PSG participated in the recruitment race and secured the victory.

Above all, Moani was active in joining PSG. He even openly asked for a transfer to PSG, such as unilaterally refusing to train in Frankfurt. No news of the transfer was heard until the market deadline, but PSG and Frankfurt reached a dramatic agreement at the last minute.

As a result, PSG completed the French national team triangular formation centered on Kylian Mbappe this season. PSG brought Usman Dembele (26) from Barcelona this summer and Muani this time from Eintracht Frankfurt.

PSG’s front-line offensive line has been dismantled this summer. Lionel Messi (36, Inter Miami) and Neymar (31, Al Hilal) left the team. As the issue of renewing the contract with Mbappe arose, they were in conflict and were on the verge of breaking up.

However, PSG, who dramatically reconciled with Mbappe, formed a new offensive line with the addition of Dembele and Muani. All of them are former members of the French national team and can take responsibility for the front line. The average age has also dropped significantly to the mid-20s.

Lee Kang-in’s position change has also become inevitable. Lee Kang-in started two consecutive games from the opening game of League 1 this season and received full trust from coach Luis Enrique. However, Lee Kang-in is not expected to play until the end of the A match due to a left thigh quadriceps injury after the second round match against Toulouse.

If Lee Kang-in recovers and plays, the previous winger position is expected to be virtually difficult. Instead, he is expected to be able to change his position to the center he likes more. If Lee Kang-in plays as an attacking midfielder, he will be able to expect various collaborations with the three French attackers.

Meanwhile, PSG, which is currently in eighth place with five points (1 win and 2 draws) after playing three League 1 matches, will play against Lyon in the fourth round at 3:45 on the 4th

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