Saturday, 18th May 2024

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I have nowhere else to go except Jamsil!

Korea’s baseball status is high. The number of professional baseball spectators this year is so popular that it will reach 8 million. Interest is high when international competitions are held. On the other hand, domestic infrastructure such as baseball stadiums is weak. Therefore, I strongly agree with the construction of a new stadium. However, we oppose new construction without alternatives.

Recently, a plan to build a dome stadium at Jamsil Baseball Stadium was announced in a surprise move. It is a matter that would be welcomed by baseball players. However, it was announced as if it were suddenly notified. I don’t know the inside story. It was the same when Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium disappeared, but it seems that the intention of baseball players was not properly reflected this time.

The demolition of Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium, which has a deep historical significance, is largely due to seniors who failed to prevent it. This time, Jamsil Stadium will disappear following Dongdaemun Stadium. Jamsil is a sacred place for Korean baseball, which opened in 1982. It is welcome news that a new stadium will be built as a dome on the spot.

The problem is that LG and Doosan have an ambiguous place to go while building a new ballpark. It is because they say they cannot use Jamsil Main Stadium due to safety concerns. Where on earth should LG and Doosan play baseball for six years.

He also ignored fans who visited Jamsil Baseball Stadium for a long time. He praised professional baseball, saying, “There are no performances that attract more than 10,000 people every day,” but as this time, he was thoroughly excluded from policy decisions. I didn’t listen to the voices of the sports scene and I didn’t listen to the voices of the fans.

It is a very shortsighted judgment to think simply, “If you make a good ballpark, fans and baseball people will like it.” Looking at this situation, I think they don’t know much about it rather than the fault of the decision makers. Nevertheless, if you stand by and make the wrong decision, it’s the baseball player’s fault.

There is still time and opportunity for resolution. KBO, LG, and Doosan should respond strongly, and baseball players should not hold their breath and speak together as they did in the demolition of Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium. Six years is a long time. During that period, 12 million fans can gather at Jamsil Baseball Stadium. The 12 million fans will have nowhere to go. If the main stadium doesn’t work, where on earth should we go.

Policymakers must listen to the voices of field experts and fans even now.


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