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The victim of the ‘alleged illegal filming’ of soccer international Hwang Eui-jo (31-Norwich City) has refuted Hwang’s claim that the video was consensual, calling it a ‘lie’ .”Although the victim had a relationship with Mr. Hwang, she never consented to the filming of the sensitive video at the time or since, and has repeatedly asked him to delete it,” Lee Eun, the victim’s lawyer, said in a statement released to the media on Nov. 21.”Instead of looking back and reflecting on his wrongdoings, Mr. Hwang lied to the media and said that the video was ‘taken consensually with his ex-lover,’ leaving the victim with irreparable hurt and trauma,” the lawyer added. “The victim expressed her dislike for such things and demanded that the video be deleted immediately after filming,” the lawyer said. “There was no situation where Mr. Hwang could arbitrarily assume that it was consensual, and in some cases, she did not even know that the video had been filmed.” The lawyer also emphasized that it was difficult for her to get angry with Mr. Hwang or report him for fear of the video being leaked.

“Mr. Hwang had asked the victim to sue the distributor,” he said, adding, “After much deliberation, I filed a formal complaint with the police against the distributor for illegal distribution and against Mr. Hwang for illegal filming. “Hwang is under police investigation for filming someone having sex (using a camera or other device under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act).In June, a social media user who claimed to be Hwang’s ex-lover posted photos and videos of Hwang and the women on Instagram, saying, “Hwang is having a relationship with many women and causing damage.”Mr. Huang’s camp filed a police complaint against Mr. A, claiming that his phone had been stolen and that he had received threats for distributing the photos. The police, however, realized that Hwang had illegally taken videos of sex acts and summoned him as a suspect on Nov. 18 to investigate. Hwang’s legal representative claimed the previous day that “the video was consensual between the two lovers, and Hwang was the victim of a video leak.”The man, who allegedly threatened 바카라사이트 Hwang after posting a post exposing her private life, was detained on the 16th.

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