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Hwang Ui-jo to be summoned domestically…but police “will demand attendance if necessary”

Police investigating national soccer player Hwang Eui-jo for illegally filming himself having sex with women have said they may summon the South Korean athlete, who is in the country, if necessary.

“Mr. Hwang is staying abroad, but depending on the progress of the investigation, we can request his attendance if necessary,” a senior police official said at a regular press conference held at the Seodaemun-gu police station in Seoul on Sunday morning.

Police have secured four smartphones, including two iPhones, and a laptop in Hwang’s name and are conducting digital forensics. The laptop was reportedly wiped before being handed over to police.

Earlier, Hwang was recently investigated by police for illegal filming. On June 20, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said, “We believe that Hwang Ui-jo is suspected of illegal filming and are investigating him as a suspect.”

On June 16, a woman, Ahn, was detained after she posted a video and an exposé of Hwang’s personal life on Instagram. She claimed to be Hwang’s ex-lover at the time and allegedly leaked photos and videos of him and several women. Ahn was found to be Hwang’s brother-in-law.

She denies the allegations, saying she was hacked. In response, Hwang said, “I believe in my innocence.”

In this regard, Lee Eun-i, a lawyer for the victim B in the illegally filmed video, said, “The victim had to suffer while watching the position statement of Hwang’s lawyer and successive media reports in which some of her personal information was disclosed. (Hwang’s lawyer) disseminated unnecessary personal information about the victim, which is a secondary offense and a criminal act punishable under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act,” and called for a strict investigation and strong punishment. 사설토토

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