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Great White North’s frozen game scene loses millions every day

Closed offline casino locations across Canada have damaged not only the country’s gaming sector, but also the individuals involved. Canada has lost about CA$22,828,500 a day since lockdown began in March, according to a recent study.

Since March 16 of this year, direct games at casino venues and game venues have been suspended because they had to be closed indefinitely. Physical distancing was an essential practice to protect individuals. Both casino customers and employees were exposed to the threat of this unprecedented situation and had to be protected by the closure of the venue. There are a total of 216 casinos and gambling houses in Canada.

All those locations had to be closed for business this spring, as management was concerned both customers and casino staff could be at risk if they continued to operate. Online gaming remained one of the only possible ways for a person to gamble in a legitimate way and still support the gaming sector and the community.

Gateway Casino Greenlight Premium Restaurant in Ontario, B.C.
It’s been about five months since the first Crown Corporation made it clear that games played directly are temporarily banned. Lotto Quebec announced on March 13 that it will close four casino venues and two gambling houses within the Quebec border. A few days later, other lottery leaders, such as the Ontario Lottery and Game Company and the British Columbia Lottery Company, also joined efforts to promote physical distancing.

OLG Greenlight Casino Reopens Charity Game
About five months after the temporary closure of casino venues, the Ontario Lottery and Game Company made it clear that casino reopening would have to take place gradually across the state. And it’s time to assess the impact of lockdowns on Canada’s gaming sector this spring and summer.

Games in Canada
The study used information from reliable sources such as Statica, The European Casino Association, and the PWC. It aimed to provide an international game scene and a bigger picture when Canada was located in it. On a global scale, Great White North ranks fourth after Nevada, Japan, and Singapore.

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Daily lost revenue since lockdown began amounted to about CA$22,828,500. The amount includes revenue from games generated by a land-based casino, a video lottery terminal, a gambling house that only features slot machines, as well as a popular bingo hall for charity operations. This is the impact on the gaming sector with casino operators overseeing gambling hotspots. 바카라

Windsor-Esex enters next phase of reopening without casino
The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is one of Canada’s land-based leaders in gaming. It recently shed more light on the second quarter of this fiscal year. The three months in question took place between the beginning of April and June 30, and took place overall during the lockdown. Revenue for the second quarter of this fiscal year amounted to C$62.8 million, which consisted of an annual service provider fee qualification.

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