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From karting to LoL coach… PeerX’s Park Jun-seok talks about both sports

Peerless Youth head coach Park Jun-seok has shared his frustrations with his first season as head coach of a LoL team.

Peerless swept T1 Esports Academy 2-0 in the second round of the 2024 LCK Challengers League Spring at the WDG Esports Studio in Jung-gu, Seoul on April 18. With the win, Peerless improved its record to 9-8 (-2) and will advance to the playoffs with a win against KT. Speaking to DailyeSports after the game, head coach Park Jun-seok said, “We are preparing hard because we are aiming for the last leg of the playoffs. Today’s game was important, but I’m glad we won 2-0,” he said after the victory.

PeerEx is in a tight playoff race in the mid-table this season. Especially in the second half of the season, the team has been playing with more vigor, increasing their chances of making the playoffs. “Our top player, Uhm ‘Janus’ Ye-joon, is a rookie, so he has some things to learn, so I’m teaching him. But it’s going well. The 14.5 patch also seems to be working well for us,” Park said, explaining the secret to their recent success.

The team also has a strong bottom duo of Nam “Diablo” Dae-geun “Diablo” Nam and Lee “Duro” Ji-kyu “Duro” Min-kyu. “They work well together and have never fought with each other. They accept each other’s feedback well,” Park said, adding, “We had to adjust when Min-kyu was at Hanwha Life and then came back, but they have great chemistry. I think they are the top two bottom duo in the CL, and I think they are playing as well as they should,” he said, praising the bottom duo.

Director Park Jun-seok has an unusual resume. He started his professional gaming career in 2018 as a player of PEEREX ‘Crash Royale’ and began his esports coaching career the following year by leading the PEEREX ‘Crash Royale’ team. He then took over as head coach of the PEEREX ‘Kartrider’ team in 2020, leading the team to four league championships. Park is also the most experienced coach in the Kart League.

After successfully leading the PEEREX ‘Kartrider’ team, Park began his LoL coaching career this year with PEEREX Youth. “I think there’s a certain role I can play,” Park said. I thought about that when I first started coaching karts, and it hasn’t changed much since I’ve been here,” Park said, emphasizing, “I want to create a direction where everyone trusts each other and develops well, as I’m not doing in-game coaching.”

He added, “We’re all having fun and working in a horizontal structure rather than a vertical structure. Even though they are different sports, they are similar in the end,” he said. “When I was a karting coach, I was the best team coach, but the best players have their own habits. It’s definitely different. And vice versa. I feel that, so I’m thinking about those things,” he added.

The end goal for Park, who is successfully leading PEEREX Youth, is to win the championship. “The goal is to win the championship. I’ve won many championships in 메이저토토사이트 other games, but it’s really valuable to win one,” he said, “I’m only looking at that one thing. “I’m only looking at one thing, and that’s winning. That’s what we’re working towards,” he concluded.

With one game left in the regular season, the Peerless will clinch a playoff spot on their own with a win. However, their opponent is the top-ranked KT Rolster Challengers. “I think KT is a good team,” says Park, “and they have a good overall balance. They have a good overall balance, so I think they’re a top team,” Park said, adding, “I think we’ll have a good result if we prepare for what we’re good at.”

Finally, Park Jun-seok promised to advance to the playoffs and asked the fans to support them. “I think it’s good that we won today’s game,” he said, adding, “We will definitely go to the playoffs, so please support us a lot.”


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