Saturday, 18th May 2024

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Free style soccer event held on the 11th, from the entrance to the national university

A freestyle soccer event will be held by Lycat Crew, a domestic freestyle soccer team.

The 3rd anniversary party of Lycat Crew will take place at the Sindorim Opera House in Seoul on May 11 (Sat). Participation applications can be made through the Lycat Crew SNS (Social Media).

The event is expected to be a venue for exchange of skills from beginners interested in freestyle soccer to senior members of the national team. A variety of programs are scheduled, including rookie battles, showcases, 3:3 mini futsal, and freestyle soccer workshops.

The event will be held with the aim of revitalizing the domestic freestyle soccer culture with Rycat Crew as the main focus. The showcase team will be joined by Korea’s representative double-dutch team Line Squad and Freestyle soccer team Rycat Crew.

The judges will be world freestyle soccer champions LEON, HINATA and Korea’s Lim Jae-hoon. MBITIOUS will be the DJ.스포츠토토

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